About Beth

 In sitting down to tell people "About me" ... it sent me reeling.

Who AM I?

No, I'm not having a mid-life crisis.
No, I don't have amnesia.
No, not multiple personality disorder either.

So why the quandry? I wear so many hats that I'm not sure which one is "me"? So here are some of my roles so you can learn a bit more "About Me".

  • Christian - I am a laid down lover of Jesus Christ. I was born and raised in a Christian home and am doing my best to raise my children in a Godly manner
  • Wife - Married 16 years to a wonderfully understanding, loving and patient man, Dan. Together, we pastor Destiny's House Church near Tampa, Florida.
  • Mother - to 6 all adopted with special needs. Jacob 13, Kaley 12 (African American siblings formerly from US foster care). Sam 10, Luke 8 (Caucasian siblings formerly from US foster care). Zoe 6 (Chinese from Taiyuan, Shanxi China). And Manny 2 (Guatemalan, but born in the US).


  •  Speaker - Motivational and Keynote Speaker for over 15 years.
  •  Program Director - Started and run a non-profit Destiny's Crossing  We are in the process of starting an orphanage alternative for orphans in Northern China.   
  • Trainer - Master Trainer for Dale Carnegie Training.
  •  Singer/Songwriter 
  •  Author - "Zoe, a Cool, Cleft Kid: A Journey with Cleft Lip and Palate", "Journey in Foster Care" children's book series; Currently writing "Handpicked: Choosing the Special Life" (a book about parenting adopted special needs children).


  • Completed my course work for her PhD in Human Resources Development (Business Training) with minors in Business Management and Statistics from the University of Toledo
  • MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Toledo
  • BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas
  • BA in Theology from Ambassador University