Jul 20, 2011

Oh where to begin?

I've discovered that the longer I go in between blogging, the harder it is to write an entry. Why?  Because there's no way to accurately tell what has transpired.  But then I get these messages from people asking how everyone is. 

So ... Here's a catch up post.  Everyone is great.  We've just been busy doing "Summer" things. 

Zoe had her second post op appointment and the doctor commented on how great she healed.  She still has stitches back there after 4 weeks but she says it doesn't feel any difference. 

Manny is doing great too.  He had a viral infection of some type where his tonsils swole so large that he couldn't swallow his saliva.  His fever went through the roof.  But it only lasted a few days and there was nothing we could do for him anyway. (Poor guy). 

Today, the two of them had their annual check ups.  Both are doing great in every area.  We see the doc often so we already knew that but today was the official okey dokey.  Zoe is in the 75% for height and 30% for weight.  The doc commented on how she might be getting too thin but I realized what the issue was ... during her two weeks post surgery, she lost 2-3 pounds.  She'll catch back up in no time.

We were gone for a week for a family reunion.  Dan's family gets together yearly and it was in Panama City Beach this time.  We were without internet so no way to update what we were going through.  Also, Dan is a security guy and he doesn't like to alert people that we are away from the house.  (It makes sense, BUT ... doesn't make for fun blogging!)  Then by the time I'm back, I just don't feel like blogging any more. 
I'll see if I can post a few pics soon from the vacation.  I was mostly busy having fun and too busy to actually take pictures ... hopefully some of the family will share with us. 

The other thing I'm busy doing is getting ready for another trip.  A BIG one.  (More details to come soon.) 

So there you have it ... all doing well.  Having fun.  Enjoying life.

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