Aug 15, 2011

Alaska Cruise 2011

There is absolutely no way to capture all of the trip in one blog post.  We didn't post about it day by day for security purposes and then there was no real internet access while gone so I'm having to do a catch up post for a 10 day trip.  (yeah, right)

Quick version... Jacob's Make a Wish trip was to Alaska on a cruise.  The night before we left we went ice skating (their first time) and laser tag (also their first time).  They loved both and had a blast.

Limo picked us up.  Long flights there.  Some kids were air sick but not enough to hurl.  (Thankfully).  But the baby did have a blow out diaper in the turbulence and I had to change his diaper/clothes there in the seats (seatbelt sign on).  The rows behind us were complaining about the smell for quite some time! LOL (They didn't know it was Manny!)

Seattle (didn't get out to see anything), just got on the boat.  Kids were blown away.

Headed out and were at sea.  Went swimming indoor heated pool.  Jacob went to the teen's club.  Kids went to the kid club.  Formal dinner.

Juneau:  Went up the tramway to the top of Mt. Roberts.  Majorly beautiful sights.  Kids did hike with Dan beyond where Manny's wheelchair could go.  Shopping in Juneau.  (Got fudge ... yum.)

Skagway:  Rented van and drove and drove, deep into the Yukon.  Went to Carcross where we got to see the wildlife museum, hold husky puppies and pet iditarod dogs.  Saw the world's smallest desert.  (Didn't take long to see it.)  Stunningly beautiful views... like they are beyond words.

Victoria:  Got on a whale watching boat and got to see several humpback whales, seals, sea lions, a deer, bull kelp, etc.  TRULY amazing to see it all in real life, not in Sea World.

Seattle:  mostly rude locals we came in contact with. Saw the world's first Starbuck's (sadly, I don't drink coffee) and it was like Mecca for these people in the long line!

Wow!  Can't believe how quickly I summarized this trip of a lifetime.  The weather was perfect.  There was no rain or clouds.  The skies were perfect blue.  The staff kept commenting how they'd never seen it that beautiful or perfect.  No one got sick.  No troubles at all.  Truly, many people were praying for our trip!

And rather than uploading pics on this site one at a time, I've decided to upload several on Facebook and will just include the link.  Click on it so you can see some of the pics to describe what I've been describing.  ENJOY!!

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  1. Fabulous. So happy your family could have this wonderful experience. Jim and I stood under the YUKON sign about 11 years ago. The "K" was still there at that time!!