Sep 5, 2011

Guess what

Manny did not desat or go into respiratory distress last night so he must be getting better. That's the good part, that his acute status is seemingly "under control". Praise God.  Yippee!  Yee Haw. 

The pulmonologist was just here and from his point of view, we're cleared to go home today.  And most of me is thrilled with that of course.  We can do most of the things at home that they were doing here.  And we can monitor him.  I know the signs.  And I think we'll all be more comfortable there. 

We haven't been cleared by the hospitalist or the GI (for his c-diff) but I have a feeling they'll let me monitor this at home since I have before.  But that's just a guess. 

My concern, though is that the chronic nature of this is taking a toll on his heart. We are scheduled for a sleep study on Friday (already had the appointment before this illness).  And that will tell us a lot hopefully. 

But like last night, his heart rate when he first falls asleep is about 95-110.  When he's awake, it's about 120-145.  When he's completely deeply asleep in the middle of the night ... it's 170 plus.  SOMETHING is going on and I think it's going to be resolved by BIPAP.  I mentioned this to the pulmonologist and he said that we need a cardiac consult.  He also said that the sleep study will have a EKG on the whole time so they'll be able to monitor that then too.  I don't think this is dangerous enough to push for something NOW but it could be.  I think I have the time to wait until the sleep study.  They'll have the exact numbers and be able to go from there.  If it's as bad as I think it is, it will show up.  If it's not as bad as I think, it will give me peace of mind. 

So now I sit and wait for the Hospitalist and the GI to come by and tell me their plans.  Hoping we're all on the same page and we get to go home today.  And if that's the case, we owe his miraculous recovery to nothing other than the many fervent prayers of many people around the globe who love this little boy most have never met.  And for that, we will always be eternally grateful.  I cannot believe how many people rally their support for us when Manny is sick.  And we're also grateful to God for having mercy and hearing those prayers and giving Manny much needed relief. 

12:15 ... GI here and gave the all clear to go home! 

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