Nov 29, 2011

Released from the Ortho

Monday was Zoe's first day back at school. About 10am, get a phone call from the school nurse.  Zoe was up at the clinic due to the horrible swelling on her hand from the bite.  I was clear across town getting blood and urine tests done for Jacob and Kaley.  She'd been sent to school with Benadryl and cream on her hand.  I had an appointment for her later that day. Not much else we could do for her.  Zoe wasn't wanting to come home anyway.  So they gave her some ice and sent her back to class.

Monday afternoon, took her to the doc and we all feel it's a fire ant bite, just a really, really bad reaction to it.  At age 2, she fell into a fire ant bed and got probably 150-200 ant bites by the time we got them all off.  So this reaction is likely caused by that experience.  Next time?  It could be really, really bad.  Doc gave her prednisone and an antibiotic to go along with the benadryl and hydrocortisome cream.

Tuesday was Zoe's second day back at school.  About an hour into the school day, I get a phone call from the school nurse.  (Hearing a theme here?)  Seems like Zoe was in the classroom and just happened to slip.  Of course, she landed on the hip that had the bone taken from it.  Teacher freaked.  Called the nurse.  Nurse called me.  I assured her that Zoe should be fine, that landing on that hip should be no different than falling on the other hip at this point (she's 4 weeks post surgery).  I wasn't able to talk to Zoe but I assured the nurse that Zoe is fine, I'm sure.  (And besides, I was also across town again at a doctor appointment.)

Once I got her from school, I told her the nurse called me.  She didn't know why.  I asked about if she fell.  And she told me she didn't cry.  It barely hurt.  It was no big deal.  (Phew).  Seems like the teacher was just extra cautious/concerned.  (Which I appreciate.) 

Hoping not to get a call tomorrow from the nurse. 

Thrilled to be the Mama of this strong, spirited little girl. 

Meanwhile, across town, I was with Manny at the doctor appointment.  His Orthopedic doctor is inside the hospital where he and Zoe have been going.  Last week I was cleaning out the toy closet and had tons of big items that he never has been able to use that people hav given him.  (It's truly amazing how many toys he cannot use due to it being to hard or requires standing, etc.)  So I wanted to donate them to the play room at the hospital.  Today was the day I delivered them.  Yay!  The toys are finally going to be played with. 

Then we went to the appointment.  7 months ago, we went to this Orthopedist.  At the time we didn't have an official diagnosis.  He wanted to see us again in 6 months.  So here we were. 

I was very concerned about the contractures on his feet.  Remember all the serial casting he's had to have done?  Remember the Houdini act he does to get out of the casts?  Remember how he's got AFO's (braces) for his feet?  Remember how he couldn't wear them most of September - November due to being in the hospital with IVs in his feet? 

I was worried that he would want to do some more casting for the feet.  But NO!  Yay.  He said as long as I can still getthem in the braces, he was fine with it!  Now if this baby were running around or even standing on those feet, this wouldn't be enough.  But he can't do that at this point so no need to cause him more pain. 

I told the doc the official diagnosis.  Informed him of what it was, what it involved, etc.  Merosin kids often have contractures of the ankles, hips, wrists, elbows, etc.  So he double checked all of those (he has none besides the ankles - which he was born with).  And these kids also are prone to sciolosis.  (He has no signs of it.)  I already knew all of this ... but it's good to have it confirmed by a doc. 

So given his diagnosis, the fact that he's clinically stable with the bones at this point, and has a mother who knows what to watch out for, he doc felt that we didn't need to be seen on a regular basis.  Make an appointment only if we have something new.  Gotta love it!

Menawhile, this doc couldn't stop saying how cute Manny is!  When he walked in, Manny said, "Hi Doc" and it cracked him up.  He has a kid the same age as Manny and couldn't believe how verbal he is.  At the end of the appoitment and as he walked out, Manny yelled, "Bye Doc, Thanks" and I heard the Doc crack up the whole way down the hallway. 

Kaley finds it fascinating how EVERYWHERE we go, Manny brings people happiness.  He says "Hi" to everyone in the elevator (and usually invites them to Chuck E. Cheese or the beach).  He greets people in the grocery store.  People will be walking around in their tunnel-type gaze and he "snaps" them out of it.  Young, old, male, female ... doesn't matter.  He brings joy to people.  There is just something special about this kid and I hear that dozens of times every single day. 

Can't believe I get to be his Mama. 

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