Mar 12, 2012

MDA walkathon pics

Still don't have good pictures of Manny in his new wheelchair "car" ... but these will have to do for now.  It's the pictures from the MDA walkathon and him in his car.  Enjoy!

MDA's slogan is "Make a muscle, make a difference" ... if you notice, Even Manny is making his best muscle.

Two years ago, I saw THIS picture on a website.  It had a very short description of the baby.  Our family was eventually selected to be his parents.  Isn't he dreamy?? 

One interesting thing about this story is ... about 6 months before this, I felt God was saying that we needed to update our homestudy.  I knew that for some reason, there would eventually be a situation arise where in the future we would need to move FAST, that this paperwork would need to be in place. 

So our story goes ... saw his picture on March 11.  By March 26, he was living with us full time.  And trust me, there were delays along the way!  Those in the adoption world know just how ridiculously FAST this adoption was!  Two weeks from the time we first saw him until he lived with us. 

And now that has been two years.  WOW!

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