May 8, 2012

Sherlock Holmes

OK so I will try to break down what is going on with Manny currently.  Bottom line: We don't know.  But we have some "hints".  Eventually, this will become clear, but for now, I can only play Sherlock Holmes and follow the clues. 

Several things are going on simultaneously and they're probably all related. 

Looks like his bowels are starting to shut down. Bile is backing up into his stomach causing him to retch.

His labs are very concerning.  Last Monday the labs drawn were bad enough that when the docs saw them, they had a STAT re-draw.  Yesterday, the labs were drawn again.  I got the results today and they are worse. 

How bad?  I will try to describe.  In all of the hospitalizations, Manny's labs are always good to start with.  (For the really bad central line infection; for the gallbladder that ruptured, etc.)  They start good and then they start to decline.  Then they get to a certain low level and we start talking transfusion. 

THAT is where we are.  But this time ... we're not in the hospital.  We aren't on top of what is going on.  In fact, no one can even agree with what is going on.  After discussing today's labs with a couple of doctors, they are all on different pages. One wants to do watchful waiting, one wants to get a liver ultrasound asap, one wants to get us to Boston asap, one says I should get to the ER tonight. Clearly, this is not straight forward. Praying for wisdom (and healing, as always).

So what IS going on? 

These are a couple of the top contenders:

1. bone marrow dysfunction with low grade infection
2. intestinal failure or blockage
3. liver failure
So I'm continuing to be Sherlock Holmes and put things together. Trying to figure out this mystery.  Where is Dr. House when you need him?? LOL
What do we do in the meantime?  I'm watching him like a hawk.  (He's already in pain and crying a lot, and generally more grumpy than his usual self.)  My doctor will be faxing all our stuff to Boston tomorrow.  I will be getting an ultrasound of the liver ASAP (scheduled in the morning for the quickest they can get us in). And pray.  God has been faithful to keep us going one step at a time.  This is just another step.  And I will be faithful to walk this one out too. 


  1. Please call me if you come to Boston. We will be here for you. Heather at 6034373785

  2. Oh Beth. I have no words. Prayers, as always for our little Manny man and for his Mama!

  3. Becky Browder NeustadtMay 9, 2012 at 12:23 AM

    You and Manny are constantly in my thoughts are prayers....

  4. Beth, I'm sorry I didn't know this was going on. Praying without ceasing. May you find strength and peace. And Manny find perfect healing.