Feb 23, 2014

More MDA Fun

It's not every day that your kid is highlighted in the media... but it IS getting more frequent. 

Saturday, Feb 20, Zoe (our 8 year old) just happened to pick up a local newspaper.

She looked at the front and it said, "New MDA Ambassador.  P. 10"

So she flipped to page 10.  And this is what she found.


This is the link to the online version of the article so you can see the content.

Last week, we also stopped at one of our local Lowes Stores here in Brandon.  They are one of the biggest supporters of the MDA.  They collects millions of dollars that go to help with clinic visits, equipment, summer camp and so forth. 

Plus they physically go to the Summer camp and help make floats for the kids for a parade.  (Last Year, that day was on Manny's 4th birthday so they turned his wheelchair into a Cake with 4 candles!) 

Many local Lowes employees also came out to our Muscle Walk to help support what we are doing. 

Photo: Our 2014 Florida Goodwill Ambassador, Manny Gore, with our great friends from Lowe's at the Tampa Bay Muscle Walk.Please LIKE and SHARE to show your support for our MDA Shamrock Campaign. MDA loves Lowe's!! #mdashamrocks #makeamuscle #mda #lowes
Just a few with Manny in front of the Buccaneer boat. 

One of their biggest fundraisers is in the month of March selling Shamrocks.  So go out to your local Lowes.  Support them and support the MDA.  And buy at least one $1 shamrock.  Every dollar counts and together they really add up. 

And a couple from this year.  We will be doing more store visits as well. 

This is my kids holding the shamrocks we bought and Erica.  She's the store Captain for the Shamrocks. 

And some of the top sellers of the Shamrocks.  Keep up the great work! 

As always, we are honored to represent the MDA. 

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