May 11, 2009

Where next? How does one decide?

143 million ... it's a big number. In fact, it's an overwhelming number. I think if I'm not careful, I can get swallowed up by the emotion of it all.

Truth is ... I am only one.

Our trip to China was great. It was fun. It was a great start. We left fingerprints. We did "something". Now what? I'm left with the task of deciding where to go, when to go, who to help. And by choosing to help *these*, than *those* we're choosing not to help. My brain and heart can get all caught up in the circular thinking.

Where do we go? Where can we make the biggest impact? What do they need there? Can we do it? How do I raise the funds? How do I get the message out?

I've put out feelers to go back to China Summer 2010. I've also put out feelers about Africa as we have contacts all over that continent. So far, they're very open ... as early as Fall 2009.

The philosophical question is raised: help a few people a lot or help a lot of people a little. Also, what can be done that is of lasting impact, not just a short term gain? How can you impact a nation? How can you change a life?

These are all things that used to be just "theory" ... but I find myself having to actually put pen to paper and decide.

To all those about to embark on this journey with us ... welcome aboard. This could be the journey of a lifetime!


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