Mar 2, 2011

Happy birthday or Groundhog's Day?

Oh my what a day.  I feel like writing the entire blog in Dr. Seuss style in honor of our shared birthday.  BUT ... it would just be all too much to do that.  But the adventure is one he would love to capture. 

First, we slept great!  Amazing.  The only time we woke up was when our cat came home and cried right outside our open window.  (Who knows when he got out!) 

Then off to the DMV.  I originally set my appointment back for February 9th but that was the day that we ended up in the hospital so I changed the appointment.  BUT by the end, I ended up having to change it 3 times. And the last day was today or I am illegal and there's an extra fee.

I get there at 10:05 for a 10:15 appointment and the line is out the door.  Just as I opened the door, a little girl threw up on her mother's foot.  She asked if I had wipes which I did.  As we were doing that, a guy, squeezed past Manny and went right in and I said, "Hey, what are you doing?"  And he kept on going.  He went into the line for appointments.  (The long line was walk-ins.)  I said, "I have an appointment too."  And he never said anything.  I let it go.  I figured it's not worth the fight. 

So I push Manny in his wheelchair up behind this guy. 

Eventually his number was called.  Then mine.  As I got to the window, I noticed he was given his new license and out the door. 

Then my turn.  We were JUST about done when the computer crashed.  Statewide shutdown.  Long story short, just over an hour later, they got a message that it might not come back on line all day.  So we left.  But before we did, I got a note that I can come back tomorrow as if I have an appointment.  And they gave me a note that says I don't have to pay the late fee since it wasn't my fault.  They also gave me a note that says to a police officer the story in case I get stopped tomorrow with an expired license.  They say that most police will actually give a grace period of a few days but still. 

So I decided to go to the Mall.  A place I NEVER go.  I got lunch at Panda Express.  And the off to Bath and Body works.  I decided a long time ago that I would buy myself a special treat for my birthday.  Coconut Lime Verbena soap.  While in the store, the check out lady and I had a nice conversation.  Seems she is a survivor and she told me her whole life story basically.  I got to be an encourager for her. 

Left, not thinking much of it.  Then later it hit me that I was over charged.  I HATE conflict, even something like this.  So I wrestled with the whole thing.  Worth the money? Ugh. 

Then off to Macy's.  I don't know if I have ever been in there but friends gave me a gift certificate.  Long story short, I will have to go back when I have more time to shop as I didn't find something yet.  So good excuse to have another day again some time. 

And then I decided to go back to the store for the refund.  I have noticed lots and lots and lots of opportunities lately where I could have/should have stood up for myself and often did not.  I keep making the choice NOT to make a scene and I keep facing this challenge so I decided I might try a new approach.  (Like over the past week, the baby didn't get the fluids he needed, my chair got taken, the guy butted in front of me in line, etc. etc.) 

She was sooo sweet and apologetic about it.  It was just a mistake where one item rang up twice.  Refund.  And a 20% coupon for next time, etc.  Things are looking up. 

Picked up the kids.  And back to the DMV to see if they were up and running yet so I'm not illegal tomorrow.  But no.

Home for homework and chores. 

And I decided I wanted to go out to dinner tonight.  Ate outside.  Perfect night.  Couldn't have been more beautiful. 

Bedtime.  The end. 

Tomorrow?  Back to the DMV.  Is this GroundHog's Day??  Hey wait, that's Feb 2, not March 2. 

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