Mar 31, 2011

He makes me laugh

Daily, Manny does something that makes me crack up.  Makes me laugh.  Amazes me. 

Annie? Is that you?  Anyone else feel like breaking into "Tomorrow, Tomorrow..."?  Or maybe it's Ronald McDonald

Yesterday he was singing his ABC's.  OK, not exactly all of them but he was trying.  He got maybe 1/4 of them as he was singing along to his alphabet bus. 

Earlier in the day he had cars on his wheelchair.  I asked him to count them and he (with my help on his hand) pointed to one at a time.  He counted them.  5 of them.  It sounds like "On, oo, eee, or, iiiiiii"  But we know it's 1,2,3,4,5 because he says it the same way every time. Without fail.  We were at the blood lab (for Jacob) and all the people around were cheering for him.  (He has that kind of effect on people.) 

He is learning 5-10 new words daily it seems.  And I'm not talking about just repeating a word (I don't count those), I'm talking about the ability to recall it on his own and use it correctly.  Like I was looking at a magazine (one he's never seen) at the doctor's office and pointing at pictures.  I would say, "What is that?" and point and he would say what it is.  I was in SHOCK at how much he knew. 

Some samples:  "edent" (elephant), "duck", "bird", "car", "truck", "choochoo", "moooo" (ok, it was a horse but close), "waa-waa" (baby), "night night" (baby was sleeping), "dog", "cat", "rrrrrrrah" (tiger), "ball", "beach", "num-num" (food), "Book", "eyes", "Honk-honk" (nose)

That's just a few he named from the magazine. 

I'm very impressed at his ability to combine words into quite complicated sentences.  Like, "Hi Daddy, how you?" He speaks in phrases about as often as he says single or double word sentences. 

He's 21 months, remember?
He only heard Spanish for the first 9 months of his life.
He has major developmental delays ("global").

And of course he is starting to act like an almost 2 year old.  (i.e. he is trying to assert is independence).  So a favorite thing to say is "No way".  And of course he still likes to say, "All done?" and "Almost?" His persistance is truly amazing! 

Medically?  Things are pretty stable. We've been out of the hospital for 1 month tomorrow. Jtube is staying in place.  He's started doing some more retching and saying owie again but nothing can point our fingers to.  The Physical Therapist and Primary want him seen by a Orthopedist for the hips and spine.  They'd like to start doing some weight bearing exercises but can't do it until he gets some support for those.  Also, we're making progress on the muscle biopsy and I have an appointment with the surgeon next week to do the preop and schedule it. 

So ... all in all, things are looking up! God is good.  He's an amazing miracle-worker ... and I get to witness that first hand daily.  That's why every now and then I let you all in on the miracle of Manny. 

My view ... how would you like THAT staring up at you from your lap? (sigh)

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  1. What a wonderful post to read this hear he is doing so well. God is good!! Hugs