Jun 13, 2011

Thanks Handiman Hon!

Some people are "naturals" at doing fixer-up jobs.  My husband is not one of them.  He CAN do it, he just doesn't like to or something.  (I guess I should ask him.)  The problem is that we live in a 50 year old house that was lived in by a person who was blind and aging so they didn't do any maintenance or upkeep so it's BAD.  There are a lot of things that need to be fixer-uped.  (Yes, I know that's not a word.)

That is why it makes it all the more impressive when my husband DOES do a much needed job around here.  I'm that much more thankful!

You all know about my Mother's day toilet.  (His first to install.)

Well, this week, I got a new dishwasher installed.  Poor guy.  It took him from 2pm until 5am (only stopped for dinner basically).  But he got it done!  I'm so proud, so thankful.  Our old one was toast.


I also got a new faucet in my kitchen sink.  I'd bought it about 2 years ago when we went from tile to granite for our kitchen cabinets (Mom and I did that project).  This week was the week to get this installed too!  He said he was inspired to do it since I'd emptied all the stuff under the sink for the dishwasher.

So thanks Hon!

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