Feb 20, 2012

2 less body parts

Sunday night, Manny stayed up about an hour longer than normal.  When I went to put him into bed, he objected.  But I went to wash my hands from the diaper change and when I came back, he was already asleep!  Peacefully just drifted.  I was sooo happy it was easy.  He slept peacefully.  And I did a lot better than I thought I would.  (Being sleep deprived has it's perks ... like easy to fall asleep, easy to stay asleep.) 

Morning came and was quite uneventful.  Visitor after visitor came by to see him, mostly staff from all parts of the hospital.  He's quite the charmer and has friends throughout the whole hospital. 

My parents came by to be with me too.  (In fact, they just left after I got settled in ICU.)  Here's a quick couple of snapshots I took of Manny with my Dad.  One with a nurse (she gave him the bear and then Manny suggested the photo! LOL) One with Kaley just before surgery. 

He was fun, funny, happy and amazing with everyone!
Many others were emotional, but he encouraged them all. 

These two pictures are JUST before he went back.  We were in the surgical holding room.  The surgeon came in and talked to us and Manny was being his usual charming self.  With him acting the way he was, you almost wonder if the surgery is necessary.  They figured "Might as well" go ahead with it. 

Mom, Dad, Kaley and I waited the two hours.  They seemed to blink by in a second!  (I know that was a gift because they normally D R A G!) 

About half way through I got a page from the doctor.  My heart about lept out of my chest.  He wanted to speak with me.  I was "thankful" that it was "just" a call about the appendix.  It looked a bit off too so he asked if I wanted it taken.  I agreed.  (Thankfully Cartaya had told me this sometimes happens or I would have freaked out.) 

About an hour later, they were done.  The surgeon took me to a private room.  He said the gallbladder was "Horrible!"  I asked if it was leaking and he said not exactly, it was seeping.  (Clearly a bad source of infection for him.)  Then the doctor was very serious and almost in the verge of tears.  He was saying that he couldn't believe the baby that had been playing, sweet, happy and laughing just before surgery could have just that sick of a gallbladder.  He called Manny "Amazing".

People are always so impressed with this little guy.  You couldn't possibly have know he was THAT sick based on the way he was acting.  Just goes to show how much of a fighter he is. 

Unfortunately, the surgeon didn't feel that he could get the tissues safely and decided not to proceed with the tissue samples to be sent off to pathology.  I very disappointed but know that it's more important that Manny is SAFE and due to a few complications during surgery and general "issues", they didn't do the retrieval. 

I mostly feel we let down a few other people (like the clinical trials where the tissue was to go) but I know they will understand and wanted Manny's safety above all things. 

About 30 minutes later, we went back into recovery.  Here are a few "after" shots.  This is back in the recovery area. 

He was stable pretty much since he's been out of surgery.  He's on room air and still doing well.  As I write this, it's 7:15 pm.  He woke up a few times but only to cough or tell me his tummy hurt.  Then some morphine and right back out. 

The plan is to stay in ICU only one night and go from there. 

When I got to ICU (we just left here a few days ago), the doc said Manny is like a bad penny that keeps showing up everywhere.  (He didn't mean it rude.)  And I said: At least he's cute.  (They all agreed.)  And because he's so complicated, they say they are always worried about him.  To which I replied, "But it will be easier now ... there are two less body parts to worry about." (I thought it was funny but the doc didn't laugh.)  A few minutes later (as if it took a while to get the joke), he said, "2 less body parts! ha ha ha".  I think I just took him off guard with my completely off beat, irreverent sense of humor.  It's the only way I'm surviving any of this. 

The biggest complication we are trying to avoid from here is respiratory issues.  Even with "regular" kids/adults, this is a common problem.  The nerves to the respiratory system apparently run close to the area that was cut.  There is pain.  Therefore they don't want to breathe deeply.  Then there becomes pooled secretions and voila ... pneumonia. 

I've talked with the docs and respiratory therapists and we plan to be proactive with Manny and not let him GET to that point.  I can hear him right now and he sounds like he is "rattling" a bit.  I'm suctioning him ... often.  Praying he sleeps tonight. 

Thanks for all the prayers for our little warrior. 


  1. Becky Browder NeustadtFebruary 20, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    Wow. It breaks my heart to know that he was able to smile and charm while being so sick. I am so thankful the gallbladder and the appendix are o.u.t. OUT. I hope, once recovered from their removal, that he feels soooooooo much better. I am praying that this "danger zone" time for respiratory snafus comes and goes without a hiccup. Praying, too, he sleeps tonight and praying someone can watch over him while YOU sleep too - dear Beth. xoxoxo

  2. Thank GOD that gallbladder is out of there! I'm so relieved he came through the surgery well and good call about that appendix. Is he sitting up like that unsupported? He's not wearing his vest? I'm so proud of our little man. love, higs and smooches to you both!