Feb 14, 2012

More blood transfusions, short on answers

The night was long.   Blood pressure is more stable, heart rate very erratic and high. Fever spiking all night even with tylenol. refusing to swallow his secretions so he is trying not to aspirate/choke on those all night so we're suctioning every 5-10 minutes. There were several things that needed to be done last night and he was not happy about any of them. Just the least distressed and he was hitting heart rate 200. But we caught a few winks in between all that. Like a newborn's mom, I sleep when the baby sleeps.

Blood tests were taken at 8am and I always get a copy of the results so I can study them.  Suffice to say that they were bad, worse than yesterday.  Back in December when he had a central line infection, his numbers looked like this the day he crashed and landed in the ICU.  Lucky for us, we're already there. And he's being monitored (unlike last time) very carefully. 

The good news is that he is responsive today. He even sat up for a few minutes at a time and asked to play with his ipad.  He couldn't do it long as he's very weak but "Manny" is back. 
Starting to wake up, putting moisturizer on his lips.

He was supposed to go down to a procedure/test this morning but they ended up cancelling it again.  They didn't feel he is stable enough to do it.  It's a simple procedure (similar to an MRI) but it would require some mild sedation and given his labs, they felt he wouldn't be able to do it.  So it was postponed a second day.  (The procedure was to help determine further bowel function and a possible source of the problem.)

Yesterdays labs showed he needed a blood transfusion but those are hard on the body too.  So they wanted to wait.  This morning, the signs were MORE clear of the need for the transfusion.  They started it about 5:30pm.  They also did the Ultrasound of the gallbladder, etc at about 6pm tonight.  Awaiting the report of that anxiously.  (I was in the room with the tech who did it, but darn it, I didn't go to Radiology school!  So I just saw gray blobs.) 

 Today is Valentine's Day. And I remembered that I was in the hospital with Manny last year on Valentine's day too. I remember it because the volunteers came around with a balloon and he was sooo excited. He kept playing with it!

The only other thing to report today is the heart's desire answered.  Our room doesn't have a restroom in it so I usually try to sneak out when he's sleeping.  But this afternoon, he wasn't sleeping and I really had to go.  He cried the whole time I was gone.  His heart rate spiked, etc.  So when it came time to figure out what to do for dinner, I wasn't going to leave him.  The bathroom is like a few steps away and the cafeteria is clear across the hospital.  I couldn't do that to him.  I was dreaming of something like spaghetti, green beans, and maybe some salad or fruit. 

I was wondering what to do about that when I hear a knock, "We have an extra tray. Do you want it?" Sure!  I figured no matter what it was, it was better than nothing. 

It was lasagna, green beans, salad and fruit. 


Ever wonder if God is really listening to your heart's desire? 

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  1. So excited to hear that Manny was more lucid yesterday! I was praying for him all day yesterday, and that was one of the things I specifically prayed for. Still praying!