Jun 21, 2012

Snow, monkey bars and rivers

Tuesday:  Time to drive from Golden (Denver area) to Breckinridge.  We decided on the scenic route and I'm so thrilled we did.  We drove the 2 hours and around every corner is another amazing vista.  The photos can't begin to capture but I kept snapping hoping that SOME part of the essence could be felt. 

Up at the top is Loveland Pass on the Continental Divide.  The sign says, "11,990 feet".  It was very very cold and windy up there.  And the kids saw snow just a little ways off.  So they decided they would go touch snow.  OK, clearly, it wasn't the powdery stuff that makes a nice snowman but it didn't stop them.  They all tredged down the hill and got to the patch of snow.  I stayed up at the top (wise woman that I am).  Dan went down carrying Manny and has some more photos on our camera that have yet to be uploaded of them closer.  Maybe I'll do another post later with the highlights from that camera. 

Anyway, I saw Luke and Sam thowing snowballs at each other.  Kaley found a 2x4 and they dubbed it the sled and started sliding down the hill on it.  They were giggling and having the best time.  People at the top of the hill with me were enjoying wathching their first experience with snow.  I told them the kids are from Florida and they understood.  (Zoe is the only one to remember touching snow ... she did it in China at 4 when we went back.  Luke touched it at 18 months but doesn't remember it.  The rest have never touched it.) 

Wet and freezing, they ended up back at the car.  Their faces told the story that the mess in the car was well worth it!.

Then it was off to the rest of the trip.  Breathtaking views at every turn.  Hard to describe.  Impressed with God's magnitude.  And reminded of the verse that says we can speak to the Mountain and tell it to move.  And Manny's favorite song, "Mighty to Save" where it says, "He can move the mountains" and Manny kept singing it.  All that makes my heart smile. 
More of the drive up to Breckenridge.

We got to the house and settled in and Dan wanted to climb a mountain by himself so he took off.  A little while later he came back and was limping.  He rested his foot on a stump that looked secure but wasn't and he went tumbling down the mountain.  Thankfully the only result was a very torked knee.  But this caused great troubles.  He can barely walk.  At first, we weren't sure the extent of the injury but now it seems it was just nicely twisted.  In the meantime, do you know how hard it is to get Manny, his chair and 5 other kids in and out of places?  Most of Colorado is not wheelchair friendly as you would expect. 

But we're managing.  

Wednesday:  we hung out at a local park.  We went for a walk around town.  This was a challenge because Dan is barely able to walk at all.  But again, we managed.  It was actually a beautiful day.  We went to a restarant and hung out.  We let the kids play in the stream.  Perfect day. 

Zoe is (apparently) a monkey~

Kaley is a beauty in any position~

 I don't know if you can see the outline on the sidewalk next to Zoe but it is in the EXACT same position as Zoe.  We were on a walk and found these kid scribbles in chalk.  (Again with the death scene!) The upper right is them on a chair lift.  Bottom two are just Manny being Manny.  :)

The river was a bit icey but the kids actually managed to stay DRY!  Imagine that. (I was the most shocked person about that~)

Standing for a quick picture in front of the beautiful river. 

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