Jun 20, 2012

Trains and divers and beers, oh my

Summary post written towards the end of our vacation: 

Saturday, June 9:  hard to function on 3 hours of sleep preceeded by sheer terror.  (How's that for an observation?)  We all just muddled through the day.  Thankfully it was just a lazy hang around the house day.  Shari and Pat (brother in law and sister in law) were very gracious hosts.  They cooked very nice meals for the zombies.  The day was uneventful.  (Just like we like it).  Manny started acting completely himself. 

But ... now Luke acted strange.  He had a horrible headache and was having a hard time breathing.  He is 9 and has some pretty significant asthma and a repaired heart condition.  We gave him plenty of water, fluids, extra asthma meds, etc.  But he was still showing some signs of mild altitude sickness.  This lasted until Monday when he just snapped out of it thankfully!  He's had no issues since. 

Sunday:  Drove to Colorado Springs to look at the "garden of the gods" and meet up with some friends of Dan's/mine from college.  I knew we had friends all over the area and that lots of people would want to hook up with us if they knew.  (So sorry if you're local and we didn't pop in to say hi.)  So I just determined that I wouldn't tell anyone we were there so I didn't have to pick and choose who I would see who I wouldn't.  (AWKWARD!) 

We have a nice time eating lunch and dinner with Rich and Lisa and their kids (Hadn't seen them in almost 20 years).  And the drive to Colorado Springs was amazing.  Living at sea level, we don't see mountains!  They're just breathtaking. 

The garden of the gods is quite spectacular too.  Such interesting topography.  I always look at a mountain and wonder what it's seen.  What tales could it tell if it could talk. 

I, of course, have tons more pictures but won't bore you with all the photos.  They can't possibly do justice to the beauty and magnitude of a mountain.  There is just no way to capture them well.  I will suffice to say, God does amazing work!

Monday:  Train Museum and Coors tour

Manny is a huge train fan.  (What almost 3 year old boy isn't?)  And there is a train museum right here in Golden where we are staying.  We explored for a few hours and here are some highlight pics of that day. 
Luke decided to have a "death by train" theme.  9 year old little boys, what can you do with them? :)

Manny was quite in heaven.  At the end, we bought some lego train sets and a thomas train set.  He didn't want to leave.  I think he'd like to live here. 

Sam ... not sure what a "coupler" is but apparently it belongs to Sam so he did his best Vanna White impression upon the discovery.  And yes, that IS them pretending to be in a bar fight with pretend beer bottles. 

Zoe ... eclectic collection of photos.  Mostly sweet, and one death scene to match Luke

Kaley ... the sunflower was as tall as she is!

I could get shots of Jacob as long as he didn't know I was taking a picture! LOL

Then it was time to tour the Coors factory.  Driving up to it ... I was impressed with how HUGE the plant is.  I've seen numerous factory produced items (beer, cereal, cars, etc.) and I'm always amazed by the process and thought the kids would be too.  It was a fun couple of hours to see this.  And yes, the free beer was nice too.  Kids got root beer. 

Casa Bonita for early dinner was next on the agenda.  This place is amazing. The kids could have lived here too.  There is good mexican food for starters.  Then there are Alcapulco style cliff divers INSIDE the restaurant.  Plus mazes, arcades, riding games, gift shop, etc.  The kids were in heaven.  Except Manny.  He didn't appreciate the pretend gun fight as soon as we arrived and freaked a bit.  (He has some sensory integration disorder symptoms and this was major overload.)  He took a rare nap in my arms.  So I have only one (bad) picture of this amazing restaurant. 

And Zoe was not a fan of the maze.  Apparently it had a scary theme to it.  She's normally all gung-ho about such things and nothing frightens her.  But this was sheer terror.  I'm always fascinated how something can trigger past emotions.  Might be a sound, smell or whatever and the person is not reacting to what is in front of them but to an event long passed.  Zoe has some trauma in her past (understatement) and this seemed to trigger it!  Thankfully Aunt Shari was right there to give her some good Mama loving.  But the next day, she seemed completely over it. 

So those are some of the highlights from our first few days in Denver.  Next?  Trip to Breckenridge. 

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