Mar 9, 2014

Snap, Pop, Wheelchair Van

Friday I had a bunch of errands to do.  The kids were all with me.  Each time, I had to unload his manual wheelchair, get Manny out of his carseat and into the wheelchair.  After the errand, I’d put him back in the van and put the chair back away.  Our van is a 15 passenger van so it’s quite high and up two steps.  His seat is in the middle of the row (otherwise his chair won’t fit).  So it’s quite the obstacle course. All while holding his IV backpack bag that’s connected 21 hours a day to the tube in his chest. 

I moved Manny (something I do numerous times during the day and night).  But this time was different.  I heard and felt something “pop”.  For the rest of the evening, I tried all the things I know to do for it and did a lot of praying. 

The night was long and painful.  And all I could think about was a plan for how to keep Manny and me safe for a lifetime.  He’s getting heavier (that I cannot change, nor would I want to).  I am not getting stronger (that I could change).  So I guess I need to be more faithful to the strength training regimen. 

But the other part of plan is this wheelchair van.   This would greatly reduce the number of times per day that I need to transfer him. For all errands, he would simply drive out of the house and up the lift, into the van.  He’d stay in that chair until we returned home. 

It’s clearly safer for HIM and for ME.  We need this wheelchair van before something else goes "snap" and "pop". 

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