Sep 28, 2009

An answer to prayer ... how to have IMPACT

Ever put out a question to God and then IMMEDIATELY get the answer from an unexpected source?

I think that just happened to me.

I have been pondering a way to truly help and serve orphans, not just throw stuff or money at the problem.  How do I make the most IMPACT?  This has been on my heart for a while now.

Last night, I put it up to God again.

This morning, I wake up to an email from China.  Quick version:  H. was instrumental in helping us during our last trip to China.  We came to find out she was the director of all the foster homes and group homes for all of China Care.  They have since changed their direction and no longer do fostering so H. went with Half the Sky (in the merger).  She helped us meet the various overseers of the various China Care homes.  She was with us when we met the Director of the Taiyuan Orphanage.  She was instrumental in helping us get the supplies purchased.

H. is asking if I will start a Foster Home (probably in Shanxi).  *I* do not have a clue how to do this.  Where to start?  What kind of funding would this take!?!  Can we really pull it off?

Then I wonder - is this the answer to my question?  This would certainly fall in the IMPACT area.

And H. knows all the answers to the questions.  She has been there to start up several foster homes and group homes.  She has been around to hire nannies and leaders.  She has worked with the system.  She says she is confident we could do this together.

My heart is a flutter.  My brain is a buzz.  My head says "What the heck are you thinking???"  But I feel in my gut that this is an answer to prayer.

So ... anyone want to help me figure out how to start an orphanage in China?
Anyone want to help me make an IMPACT?

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  1. ME! Pick me!!!! I've had this vision since before we began adopting. How can I really help? sherri m