Dec 15, 2009

New Start

So today I purchased the new website name and started creating the website from scratch.  It still has a lot of work we need to do on it (like some pages are still blank, others have bad fonts, etc.) but it's a start. 

Check it out! 

We still need tons of manpower help too.  Pretty much if you have a skill and an interest in helping special needs orphans, I need you!  So let me know what you can do and I'll see if there's a fit for your specific skill set. 

Some specific suggestions:
Director for the SHOES project (
Someone to write grants
A person to create a blog for the SHOES project
Someone to coordinate manpower (to keep track of who is doing what)

I also am needing people who work for companies to consider talking to your company about how they might donate supplies or money. 

OK ... that's enough for one update.  Back to updating the website!  Thanks for joining me on this project

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