Dec 8, 2009

Why Do I Continue To Be Surprised??

OK ... so after the HORRIBLE meeting with the Psychologist yesterday, I was fully prepared to go in loaded for bear.  I had copies of the law, copies of his past records, etc etc.  I had so much documentation and ammunition that I felt prepared.  Yet I felt so anxious and nervous.  (I actually have pulmonary hypertension - not related to high blood pressure but where the artery between the heart and lungs ... if you have PH you are not getting enough oxygen to your heart.  Yesterday, I started having some MAJOR symptoms.)

Late last night, I asked my mother (A PhD Licensed School Psychologist) to come with me for moral support - if nothing else, she could serve as a witness to what happened.

Today, I felt the need to just pray, praise and generally beg for H E L P before our meeting.

10:30, Mom, Dan and I walked into the school.  10:42, we're still sitting in the front office waiting to be invited to the back.  (Power play).  Even Mom was feeling a bit uneasy at this point.  Then the Psychologist walks in and I whisper, "there she is" and mom says, "Hey Leah, it's Sunny".  Leah and Mom know each other ... Mom was her boss on a job this summer!!  LOL (Yesterday she was making fun of my "so called expert" and today, she had to acknowledge my expert does indeed know more than she does! haaaa haaaa)

So as we walk to the meeting, they're chattin' it up, chummin' in up.  Dan and I are walking in back and I giggle and whisper "I think we don't need to talk in this meeting."

Then the meeting opens (it's run by the psychologist) and she has a completely different tune.

It became clear to everyone in the room that everyone in that room (except the two teachers) was  completely "on board"!  The Vice principal, for example, cut through all the proverbial cr*p and was able to articulate the need, stand up for Jacob, etc etc.  It was awesome.  I wanted to give her a standing ovation.  (There were even times she was rolling her eyes at the two teachers when they would make comments which showed just how little the understand about modifications, accommodations, asperger's, autism, the 504/IEP process, etc  And it was clear how misunderstood Jacob is by those teachers.)

During the meeting, we were told the Psychologist had given Jacob's letter to all of them and they had read it.  This VP said, "It almost made me cry."  She was offended that a child at HER school could perceive his school that way.  And she was determined to make sure this turned around.  SHE will hold those teachers accountable!

We got an official 504 started with an understanding that we would draft up an IEP as well.  (ahhhhh).

Bottom line - I got EVERYTHING that I wanted and then some.  I never needed to take out one shred of evidence, cite one law, etc.  They even started asking ME how to handle some things.  They also asked Mom on some of the School Psychology things and said they would use her as a resource if needed.  Cool beans.

Before this meeting, I was saying I wasn't sure what all had to happen before I could feel like I could safely send him back to school.  But it happened.  I feel a peace.  Not all the issues are fixed.... it's all about implementation ... but I feel we have all the pieces in place FINALLY!  And if things aren't working I can go to all those people in that room who were on our side - the Special Ed teacher, the Psychologist, the Guidance Counselor, the Vice Principal.  They all "get it".

So God went before us, cleared the way, parted the seas and we walked in on dry ground.

When I left for the meeting today, I posted that I want God to get all the glory for this.  So THIS is why I'm writing this miraculous outcome.  GOD did this.  HE is the hero.



  1. Great job. I've got an IEP meeting on the 10th. :) Can I borrow your mom? LOL

  2. I see God's finger prints all over this day. Your prayers were answered and then some. I'm so happy for all of you!

  3. "Cool beans" about covers it.

    Why do schools seem to try to wrap parents around the axle over these issues?

    Oh, and I love -- yes, smooch/hug -- your Mom.

    Contained here in SC and seeing no need
    to trek to Tampa, FL to open a can of
    somethin' on someone's hind quarters,


    (Your Mom's saying, "Wow! This gal was
    allowed to ADOPT?!")