Dec 21, 2009

What kind of mark do you leave?

A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark. ~ Chinese proverb

I read this quote and felt it mighty and profound.  It made me consider it from many angles.  For example, all of my children are adopted so each of them has a birthmother and birthfather.  These people left the mark of their DNA, their genetics, etc.  They even left the mark of drugs and their effects on some of the kids.  Then there are caretakers (some were amazing, some not so much).  Teachers, friends, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, etc.  They have ALL left some kind of mark ... and to think otherwise is to be blind to the effects. 

It also makes me extremely aware of the need to make sure there are positive and not negative influences on their lives.  I need to make sure who is "writing" on them.

I am keenly aware that *I* am  leaving a mark.  Very early on I would contemplate (OK ... to tell the truth ... I would worry) about what kind of mark this was.  But the truth is ... I don't think I'll know for a long time.

You know how you don't really see your kids getting taller for example on a day to day basis because it's so microscopic but then you buy them jeans at the end of the summer because they've grown 6 inches?  Well, as a mother, I don't know the daily influence I'm having on them.  I hope it's good but there are those days, you know THOSE days. 

So if I consider these marks on their paper as permanent ink and not just pencil marks that can be erased, the gravity seems almost too much to bear.  Yesterday I heard a definition of the word "grace" ... we do our part to the best of our abillity and God applies GRACE to make up for the rest to be where it needs to be.  I LOVE that definition.  I hope it's right and that He daily gives me grace with my children.  I'll need it. 

But as I consider the mark I am leaving, one thing I'm proud to be leaving on their minds and hearts is the love of God towards His children.  HE is the Father of the Fatheless.  HE cares how we take care of HIS kids.  My kids get that to the core of their being.  They see how much time and energy I'm putting into Destiny's Crossing ( ... the orphan care programs we're launching.  And they happily give me the chance to help. 

This quote is so profound to me, it's the quote on our front page at Come by and check it out along with all the exciting things we're planning to do in Northern China in the upcoming year. 

And as you do ... consider this ...

What kind of mark do YOU leave?

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