Nov 29, 2009

Spinning plates: AKA 4 new projects

We're back from China. 

We got back Wednesday.  Thursday was Thanksgiving at my house.   Friday through Sunday was camping with our church. 

Tonight, I got the first chance to put a few ideas down about what we'll be doing in China in the upcoming days, weeks, months and years. 

Basically, I think we've come away with 4 projects.  I'm really hoping I can find a Director for each program to take over, run every detail, etc and I will oversee all 4 projects. 

1)  Upgrading a school so the 200 special needs orphans in that village can attend school for the first time.
2)  Educational center for babies and toddlers (preschool, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc)
3)  A group foster home for medically fragile babies (and then fast-track them for adoption)
4)  A shoe project for one family.

For a few more details about each of these, check out the website.

Hope many, many of you feel inspired and want to jump in with both feet!


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