Nov 9, 2009

All my bags are packed ...

... but I'm not quite ready to go.  Lots of last minute things to do.  It's amazing how many things have to get done for 5 kids - one that's going with me and 4 staying here.  It's taking an army to take care of the 4 while I'm gone.  Daddy, My Mother, my Father, my sister, church friends, etc.  (A job I do alone usually I might add LOL.)

Yesterday was Kaley's 10th birthday party.  Her actual birthday is 11/11 but alas I will be in Beijing on that day so we did the party early.  She had a tinkerbell theme ... appropriate as she is so tiny.  Kaley is so amazingly small it's precious.  She's perfectly proportionate, just tiny.  The only thing that upsets her about being small is that she still only weighs 46-47 pounds and you're supposed to stay in a 5 point harness until 50 pounds.  She cannot believe that she's 10 and still has to sit in a baby chair.

Today, I'm going to her school and surprise her by eating lunch with her.  I think she should really enjoy that!

Then some last minute details, last minute laundry and packing and then homework.  Put the kids to bed (there WILL be tears - especially from Kaley who desperately wants to go with me).  Then last minute preparations.  Hope to get in bed some time before it's time to get up.  Head out the door at 3:50 , get to the airport.  Plane leaves at 6am for Chicago.  

We'll be in Chicago for a few hours waiting for Aunt Shari to arrive from Denver.  Then we'll hit that plane and get to Beijing - arriving at 4:25pm Beijing time on Nov 11.  (3:25am Tampa time if I've done my conversions correctly).  Eat, shower, crash.

Then the real adventure begins.  I'm so overwhelmed with the details of trying to get there and the details of trying to keep my kids and hubby safe here that I've not had a whole lot of time to invest in the details of the new orphanage home.  (Probably a good thing because every time I do, I get the feeling that I am soooooo in over my head.)

I'll be trying to blog feelings here.  If it's not blocked.  My friend Sherri will also be trying to post for me if I can't.  I'll also be putting some things up on the regular website of ... there will be a link there to the pages.

Thanks for all the prayers and the support!  This truly needs to be a team effort!

Love to all, Beth

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  1. That is SUCH a beautiful cake, Beth! Kaley is such a little shining star! Happy 10th, Kaley. Mama love you!