Jan 27, 2010

Laps in the Desert

Ever considered the Israelites in the days of Moses?  They saw all these plagues one by one. They saw the death angel pass over their houses and spare their firstborn.  They were released from generations of slavery.  They took the riches of their former masters, the Egyptians (with their permission).  They went on a journey to the "Promised Land". 

Along the way they had some "hiccups".  The darned Pharoah changed his mind and started chasing after them ... but he and all his army drowned in the sea.  The Israelites walked on dry ground through the middle of the sea (probably piled 20 plus feet high on each side most commentaries say ... wonder if there were fish piled along the sides of the water ... but I digress). 

They eventually (after taking the "scenic route" not the direct route) get near the Promised Land.  12 spies are sent in and come back with a report.  10 of them say, "Aaaaugh, there are GIANTS in the land ... sure there's plenty of food and all but there are GIANTS!"  Only 2 say, "God can handle it."  The people believed the bad report.

As a result ... they did laps in the desert.  40 years of laps!  Wandering aimlessly.  No purpose. No place.  Just walking. 

Even during their walking, the miracles continued.  God ensured they had food every day.  They didn't like it, but it was food.  They got water.  They got quails.  Their shoes never got old.  (Can you imagine walking for 40 years and still having the same pair of shoes?) 

More laps. 

OK ... I don't know about you ... but I'm this thinker.  I would be wondering why we were walking and what EXACTLY the plan was.  (The old joke says that this wouldn't have happened if Moses would have just stopped and asked for directions at the 7/11.) 

Do you know someone who does this same thing though?  They do the same thing over and over and over again .... each time expecting different results?  Do you see them "doing laps in the desert"?  If it's not you, you probably can see it very clearly that all they have to do is X or Y and then they could stop making those laps. 

God sustained them, fed them, continued to do miracles for them ... even though they were not where He wanted them to be... just as He will do for you.  But He would have rathered been blessing them IN the Promised Land and that's what He wants for you too. 

But first, He wants to know ... are the Giants in the land bigger than God can handle?  Which report do YOU give about the giants in YOUR life? 

Think carefully ... we don't want to be making extra laps in the desert. 

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