Jan 19, 2010

Teachers in Taiyuan

Lately, things in my life have a way of getting big ... fast. I have this little idea and then before I know it, it's HUGE and out of control and I'm off on a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. (Just the way I like it, by the way.)

The latest thing like this happened last week.  I was thinking about how to help the school in Taiyuan.  They need quite a few things and it's up to me to figure out how to get the donations, get the supplies, get the people to help, etc. 

Out of the clear blue, this idea pops into my head about having teachers go with me to help do some of the work.  I know they would think it a trip of a lifetime to go to China - to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc. I also believe they would love to do the altruistic part of this trip.  I mentioned it to one of the teachers (just to test the waters) and she was immediately excited.  She shared it with a few teachers and they are excited too.

I also know that teachers do not make enough money to be able to go on this kind of trip.  It will be about $2000 for everything - flight, in country travel, food, hotel, guides, etc.  (I have this process down pretty good by now with all the trips I made and contacts I now have.)  But where in the world are teachers going to be able to come up with $2000??  (Details of the trip are at http://www.destinyscrossing.com/teachers_in_taiyuan.html)

The next issue I have is ... where do we get the supplies we need for the school?  The list is long and expensive.  http://www.destinyscrossing.com/current_needs.html

The biggest need (besides money of course) is connections.  Think about your network of family and friends.  Do you know of someone who works for a company who has a supplier in China?  Do they have supplies we might need for the school?  Would they be willing to donate some items?

Also, would you like to give money or airline miles or hotel points, etc. so a teacher could go on a trip of a lifetime?   If so, go to the link and see how you can donate. 

Feel free to forward this on to people you think might be able to help.


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