Jan 21, 2010

Thinking Big?

How does one go from thinking/acting small to thinking/acting BIG?  I mean really big? 

2 years ago I had this idea to take some shoes to some kids in China.  Seems little, easy.  It was.  But even that grew into a fairly large project.  But I could get my mind around it. 

Right now, I cannot even begin to comprehend what all it is going to take to pull these projects off that are on my plate.  And I know I think too small ... so how do I think BIGGER? 

For example, I told one of Zoe's doctors about the project (she asked what we're up to these days and I shared a bit of it).  And I thought she'd do the "that's nice" thing but instead she said she is the medical director for a group of doctors who organize surgery missions trips and would LOVE to help.  See?  I was thinking little, not big. 

I know I need some computers, school supplies, etc. for the school project.  I used to buy it myself or ask my friends to pitch in.  But we're talking LOTS of computers, LOTS of school supplies, etc.  I need corporations, churches, organizations, etc.  But how does one figure out how to get the info to them and what info they need and how to present it to them and who to ask, etc. etc. 

I need funding for the Zoe house ... we need "stuff" of course and renovations, but we also need to be able to pay the nannies in money.  We need to pay the doctors' bills in money.  We need to pay rent for the house, etc.  So we need a regular source of money coming in.  Where does one even go about finding such funding?  Beats me. 

Why?  Because I think like a Mom.  I have the passion, the desire.  I see the need.  I can clearly articulate the need.  But that doesn't necessarily translate into funding/donation giving unless I talk to the right people, churches and corporation contacts. 

I've tried "willing" myself into a bigger thinker.  Trust me, it doesn't work. 

You got any ideas for me and how to expand my thinking?  If so, I'm all ears!

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