Jul 5, 2010

It's amazing what you can put up with

Ever heard of the proverbial frog in a pot? He'll stay in if you heat it up slowly. I find it truly amazing what we can put up with and what becomes the "New Normal". 

Some background:  For weeks now, Manny has started doing more and more of these "episodes".  Basically he looks like he's choking, can't catch his breath, his oxygen levels drop. This happens for give or take an hour and then he passes out.  THIS is what the docs all thought were seizures.  (Mostly because of the way he is after the episode.)

They are terrifying!  Your mind races with - could this be it?  We have no clue what to do during these episodes and no way to help him.  So we just sit there and pray for him.  I rub his face and hold his hand and tell him I love him as calmly as I can.

The on Friday ... it seemed like they changed.  For the next 26 hours, he would do these episodes, but instead of passing out, he SCREAMED!!  About every 15 minutes or so, he would be in such pain.  (He never cries, never screams!) 

I called and talked to tons of people about what to do, what this could be, how to help him.  But the truth is, there is nothing that can be done during the long holiday weekend. 

I noticed food triggered it ... even the smallest amount of anything would set him off. 

But then, all of the sudden ... it ended.  5pm Saturday it was all over.  We know tons of people were praying!  And God was listening. 

All over? 

No.  Now we're back to the original episodes.  And somehow ... they don't seem so terrifying any more comparitively. 

And that bugged me when I realized it just now.  This is the "new normal".

I'm a frog. 

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  1. welcome to the frog pot. ;) I love that last picture. He's like "mom! don't talk about cooking frogs!" lol