Jul 31, 2010

Some cool updates

Much exciting news to share.  And all happened over the weekend. 

1) Manny's spinal MRI results came back.  Everything is completely NORMAL!  That is amazing news.  Praise God.  There's a small part of me that wished there was "something" that could explain and help point to a diagnosis.  But seriously, NOTHING is much better.  Next step is likely a muscle biopsy.  We've been hesitating on that but we think the time is finally upon us.  I can share more of our reasoning later but the quick version is ... the diagnosis/prognosis he has now is causing him to not get certain treatments.  If it's really the appropriate prognosis, then that's fine.  But if his prognosis is beyond what they said, then certain treatments need to proceed as to not halt quality of life issues. 

2)  The Staph around the gtube site is basically completely gone!  Praise God.  We have done numerous things and God gets the credit for all of it.  And no matter which route He chose to use, we thank Him for the provision.  For example, he is on HIGH doses of 2 internal antibiotics along with an external one.  He was getting daily cleaning of this with some heavy duty germ killers.  We're also doing some "alternative" health things such as silver and other immume builders.  And we have a new friend, Paul, who wanted to administer some oils known in the Bible.  (I applied some to half of the wound and nothing on the other half just to see if it had an effect.)  I can happily report that the site looks amazing!  He started a random rash like thing but is now on benadryl and it seems to be controlling it. 

3)  Manny's TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) is scheduled for Monday, August 2 at 3:15.  The rights to the birthmother have already been terminated.  This is for the birthfather.  We expect it to be a mere formality.  At that point, the attorney will petition the Judge to set an immediate date for his adoption.  And we're praying for this week or next.  Basically, we've been approved in every area, including length of time to wait.  But some Judges read the law one way and some another about how long AFTER the TPR before a child can be adopted.  We're hoping that she reads it the short way OR that she will waive it based on his prognosis.  So thanks for prayers for her heart being softened to let him have a legal family ASAP. 

4)  Manny was on National TV today!  My friend George Thomas loves golf and immediately had a heart for Manny.  There was a celebrity NASCAR golf tournament Thursday to benefit children with brain injuries and illnesses (Like Manny).  So he decided to play on behalf of Manny.  He asked me for a photo and he put it on a golf shirt.  Then he got signatures from the drivers.  And then it caught the attention of the producer of the Speed Channel (NASCAR)  and he photographed the shirt.  George suggests I auction off the shirt.  So if anyone wants to help with that auction, I'm all ears.  (I know many of you have done tons of these and I'm clueless.)  And if any of you know NASCAR fans who might want to have such a shirt, I happen to have one!  Details to come. 

But in the meantime, here's the clip.  Thanks to my wonderful sister in law, Shari for recording and posting this!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuxU8f-TQp0

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  1. I am so excited that the adoption is going to be legal soon! I was really praying for the staph to heal. You have such an amazing family! Love and prayers to you all!