Jul 26, 2010

The never ending staph

All weekend we were fighting what looked like the start of the same staph infection that landed us in the hospital earlier this month.  We have the antibiotics, the cleaning agents they told us to use.  We're staying on top of it but not ahead of it.  They're hoping it's not a drug resistant kind. 

Today we had a doctor appointment (we have a standing 1-2 week visit scheduled with our pediatrician for Manny).  As I was getting him dressed this morning, I noticed a strange bump on his spine about the size of a nickel.  It looks like a huge mosquito bite ... large in the center with redness around.  I know the pic is blurry but I can't seem to get a good one.  I'm holding a standard paperclip for measurement.  It's hard, doesn't feel fluid filled. 

And it must hurt as he winces when he is on his back.  Well, unfortunately, there aren't many alternatives for him.  He can't support is head well enough to sit or lay in very many positions.  I've gotten very creative in my positioning and repositioning skills.  And he is tolerating laying on his side much more than ever before (it must give him relief so he's happy to do it for a change). 

Well between these two things, the doc felt we'd have to admit him in the hospital ... again.  She left to call his GI to get a second opinion.  And we prayed.  When she came back, much to our delight, she and the GI had worked out a plan to keep him home.  We're doing heavy duty antibiotics externally and internally.  They gave me a stict set of criteria and to call immediately if he shows any signs.  She is also needing to see him again tomorrow to measure both sites. 

But the good news is ... for now, he's holding his own.  It's not getting any smaller or better, but it's not worse.  Praise God!  He slept a LOT yesterday and is doing the same again today.  Guess it's his body's way of combating this.  Works for me. 

Tomorrow I'll be teaching a class all day.  Dan will be handling kid duty in the morning and Mom in the afternoon.  Dan will then have to take Manny to the Doc in the afternoon (a first for him).  So as you all pray for Manny, don't forget to uplift those who are doing wonderful, generous things to support us.  They deserve blessings too. 

Finally, several people have asked about the adoption fund ... I'm happy to say that as of today ... generous people have contributed just over $1000 towards Manny's adoption fund ($3000 total needed)!  I'm overwhelmed and blown away.  Much of it is from people I've never even met before.  I can tell you though the one that had me in tears is the $9 given by a brother and sister out of their own money!  I bawled my eyes out and immediately asked God to bless their generous hearts.  So thank you for taking one burden off my mind. 

In regards to the adoption, we've petitioned to have the adoption moved up and we'll get the final answer on August 2nd.  If the Judge says yes, we expect to have the finalization the week of August 9th!  Thanks for the prayers for that as well.  It's a big deal to us. 

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  1. Ummm...how embarrassing. I cannot recall if I have 'chipped in' for Manny's fund or not. I will look, but just in case I hadn't, I gave a bit. I will check records and see, cuz it is my pleasure to help. :)

    Prayers being lifted for Manny's sore/infection. Praying, praying, praying. I am so thankful He never tires of hearing our voices. He is a good God.

    Love Him so. And you, too, dear Bethie.