Aug 5, 2010

Sped up adoption and Chuck E Cheese pics

A few weeks ago, we were waiting for TPR (termination of parental rights for the birthfather), hoping the Judge would grant the petition to waive the extra month customary post TPR before setting the date for adoption.  She did!  And the date was set for August 13. 

Then, we discovered there was a glitch in Manny's medical coverage.  As of August 1, he has no health insurance (NOT a good thing for a medically complex baby who is currently symptomatic and on regular home visits, has durable medical equipment, etc.). 

People came together in a MIRACULOUS way!  Remember ... we did 9 years of foster care and we know what it is like to deal with this system.  (Run-around is the best word.)  This time, people dropped everything to get this baby coverage.  There had been a mistake along the way (no one is quite sure who or how and it's irrelevant anyway). 

We found that the day we adopt him that a different type of medicaid kicks in.  And they will make it retroactive to the first of that month.  Sooo ... the attorney contacted the Judge and told her of the situation and they changed the adoption date to THIS Friday, August 6 at 9am.  Meanwhile, there are still papers to be gathered and signed but everyone is working feverishly to get those done.  But the adoption authorizes all those to get started. 

So tomorrow morning (very, very early) we will be headed to Orlando County Courthouse (about 2 hours away) with the whole gang, plus my Mother and Father.  And by mid morning, we will officially, legally have a new addition to our family.  (And yes, it's still very surreal that we have 6 SIX kids!) 

Today ... we went to Chuck E Cheese.  Manny usually just sits at the table with me as the kids scatter.  But today, Kaley asked if she could take him on a ride.  The pictures are from some of the rides he so thoroughly enjoyed today! 


  1. That's AWESOME news, Beth!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. SQUEEEEAL!!!! Tomorrow is almost HERE!! I love the way God can move mountains!! I am so excited, Bethie. Six blessings. SIX.

    I love the Chuck E Cheese pics, too. Your kids are exceptional little humans. They are caring and compassionate, because that it what is modeled for them.


  3. I'm sooo happy for your family!

  4. So great! Wonderful news! I am so happy that Manny will legally be a part of the family - even though he has been for a long time!