Aug 16, 2010

More medicaid woes

So you know how everyone came together in a mad rush to help the baby get his medicaid back?  Judge, attorney, multiple social workers, etc.  Everyone got all their parts done by noon last Friday, August 6 (just hours after the adoption for what normally takes weeks). 

They told me it would be in effect on that Monday so Monday through Thursday last week, I called every day and still no progress.  He was "inactive".  Then we started back at the beginning to see what went awry.  They again traced it down and worked to get it done.  They said that by today it would be all done. 


So back to square 1.  I called this guy named Daniel and he called the big, big boss and stayed on the line until they changed it.  Then in the morning he will call to confirm it and call me either way.  So it's a possibility that we'll have insurance by tomorrow. 

The reason this is a problem?  The baby is out of numerous medications.  He is out of gtube supplies (and without a friend Angela W, we would be in HUGE trouble).  Then starting today, specialists are refusing to see him. Tests are being delayed.  And he is sick. 

Think I'll send Daniel a pie or something if he can pull this off! 

Meanwhile, Sam (who will be 9 in a few days) and Luke (7) both have intoeing and their ankles are "collapsing" inwards.  Doc sent them to the Podiatrist who said they immediately needed orthotic inserts in their shoes and if that doesn't work, they'll need leg braces.  So the last picture is of the boys getting their feet measured for their inserts.  They feel this is SOOOO cool!! 

The top picture is of Manny playing with PlayDoh ... he LOVES it! 

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  1. I so hope the medicaid snafu(s) have been straightened out by now....the inserts will correct the boy's ankle issues....and that you will have some precious time of rest and renewal by the still waters----surely they are just around the bend. XO Kathy