Aug 27, 2010

A Special Bond

Kaley was the first of the kids that met Manny.  She went with me to the hospital in Orlando to help pick him up.  I wanted someone in the back seat with him to make sure he was doing well.  From this first moment he saw her, he was entralled with her.  (And she was likewise with him.)  This is the moment they met.  I still have that outfit Manny is wearing along with one of the blankets he is sitting on.  This picture is from March 26 ... it was the day he was 9 months old. 

They have this special bond.

I think she as this innate ability to know how to help him, how to play with him.  I think she might just become an occupational therapist due to all this.  She just has this FEELING about what toys to place in his hands to make his fingers open a certain way ... or what things to prop under his legs so they don't do the frog position ... or how to prop his head just right so he can reach further. 

She started school this week and he kept wondering where she was during the day.  He would look over at her car seat.  I wish I could explain it to him. 

But when she gets back in the car after school, he squeals with delight.  He is ready to play with his big sissy.  And she is more than ready to play with him. 


  1. Oh, my heart. I am filled to bursting with the witnessing of the pure, sweet love between this brother and sister. What a thing of beauty.

    And pssst..steer her in the direction of "speechie", NOT OT.

    Bwahahaha!!! Just kidding. My OT friends would totally laugh. :D

  2. What a beautiful and amazing bond that this brother and sister share. So precious!!

  3. Kayley is an angel on earth. I love the dynamics of your family!