Aug 25, 2010

School, Meltdowns and MRSA

Today was the kid's open house.  Went great.  It felt really nice to walk into the school knowing where to go, where everything was, how it worked.  Everywhere we went there were kids, teachers and administrators who knew us.  Felt great.  

Today was the first day back to school.  Zoe (Kindergarten) RAN to her classroom, hugged her teacher and sat in her seat.  She waved "Bye Mom" and never looked back.  This wasn't surprising since she has been counting down the days since preK ended in June. 

Sam walked into 3rd Grade... pretty much all business.  Matter of fact.  Found his desk gave Dad a high five.  And that was that. 

Kaley was a bit nervous entering 5th grade.  Last year started off a bit rocky.  It all worked out eventually - she found friends, got a 504 (special assistance) and teachers that adored her!  But this year, she thinks it's back to square one.  But truth is ... she already knows some kids, her best friend is in her class and the teachers already know what kind of accommodations she needs.  (But she doesn't understand that yet.)  But when she walked in, she found her desk.  And she is sitting between Luis and Fernando ... the EXACT same two people she sat beside last year!  (Apparently, her 4th grade teacher discussed some ideas with her new teacher!) 

Luke ... oh my.  I wasn't prepared for this.  Last year for 1st grade, he walked right in and did great.  I expected the same thing.  Instead, it was a 45 minute breakdown.  He's bipolar and he tends more towards the depressive side than the manic side.  What triggered it?  There were no assigned seats.  He had to pick his own desk and it was just too much.  I sat with him for a while.  I took him out in the hallway when he was crying too hard.  I eventually had Dan talk with him.  Eventually, bribery worked.  (sigh) 

Jacob ... things haven't worked out to get him accommodations at the school yet so we didn't feel safe to leave him there yet.  We were prepared to go and discuss it with them today but he woke up feeling flu-like.  So we called him in sick.  Gives us time to work out the plan for him. 

Manny ... he has this horrible infection around his gtube site again!  Started Friday.  The topical antibiotic isn't helping enough.  The site is bleeding, oozing pus, looks horribly painful.  He also keeps getting these quarter to half-dollar sized red marks with a blister in the center.  They're all over his body.  Gets 1-3 every couple of days.  Called the doc but she was out sick and sent us to the E. 

Verdict:  MRSA.  (sigh, just to type that).  Left with 3 antibiotics. 

So that's my morning.

Love that fresh morning face!


  1. Nice looking pics of the kids, Honey!!

  2. So glad to hear from you! Will be praying for a quick recovery for Manny!