Sep 3, 2010

Look at me now!

Q.  Does Manny have more movement now?  Is he doing more things than when you first got him? 

A.  Yes! YES!! He can do TONS of things he couldn't do before. Sure, most babies reach some of these milestones by days old or some by weeks old ... but we are only measuring against his own abilities and are amazed!

For example, when we got him, he could not move his head even 1/4 inch in any direction. Then he got movement side to side (like saying No). Then in all the other directions. He still has the hardest with it just flopping forward. Sometimes flopping back. But he can hold his own head up for minutes at a time.

Usually his back has to be supported to do it but he can do it. And if you don't support his back at all, he can hold his head for maybe 10 seconds.

That's HUGE!

His hands ... the fingers were in complete "dystonia" ... which is when his fingers were so tight they looked almost fisted up. They were stuck that way.   Now he has a pincer grip. And he is able to hold heavier and heavier things.

First paper, then paperclip. Ink Pens are easy for him now. And I'm working towards a cell phone weight to hold.
His arms ... they were completely "stuck" in any position you put them in. If straight by his side, they were stuck there. If in the bent elbow position, they were stuck there. But now, he can lift his arm from a straight position and put them into his mouth! No help.

Shoulders are next ... he has least control there of his upper body. But before, if you put his arms in the "I surrender" position, they were stuck. (Handy when I wanted to change a diaper without wandering fingers or for him to not pull his gtube out.)  But now, he can get them down!! It's not easy but he can do it.

Now his legs. Same thing. Toes started moving. Now he can "clap" his feet.  Still no real upper thigh movement but he's coming along.

And overall feeling. Before I would almost have to press VERY hard for him to feel anything. And now, I can do almost a feather touch anywhere on his body and he can feel it!!

OK ... so that's some of the changes in the 5 months.  Next I'll have to do a blog about how well he talks. 


  1. Wow, he has come so far in such a really short time considering how sick he's been. Such a doll baby!

  2. Beth,
    Oh, the beauty and the blessing of treasuring the "little things"! How much greater those triumphs when the achiever (and those loving them) must work even more diligently to achieve them! We rejoice with you for each and every gain Manny makes - Praise God!
    Thank you for letting those of us who are praying for your family know how Manny is!

  3. wow!!! how did you help him get the hands open?? did you teach purposeful movement?? working on that here