Sep 8, 2010

Mixed news

I'll go down the list one at a time.

1)  Sam (9) had a hearing test with his check up during summer and he "failed" it in one ear because of fluid in that ear.  We'd been doing a lot of swimming so we thought it was just that.  Small ear infection.  Antibiotics.  Thought we were all good.  Went back today and there is still fluid so more antibiotics.  Not a huge deal,  just strange that it's not cleared up yet.

2)  Kaley (almost 11) failed her hearing test in both ears during summer - also due to fluids we thought.  Antibiotics.  Today, her ears look PERFECT!  No wax, nothing.  Yet her hearing is now worse.  Both are in the "failed" category.  But her left ear is basically hearing nothing.  She's been saying, "It feels plugged up."  No pain.  Just hearing loss.  We're getting an appointment for the audiologist soon to do a formal test to see what she can/cannot hear and what is going on.

3)  Jacob (12) has the worst report of all.  He had a routine urinalysis which showed proteinuria.  Since then, we've run numerous tests and they all seem to point to something wrong with his kidneys.  Today we got the results of some very specific tests and the news is not good.  We have an appointment to see the Nephrologist soon ... the soonest they have is 5 weeks out and my doc is calling to see if she can get him in sooner, she thinks that he cannot/should not wait that long.  They have ruled out numerous things such as hypertension, diabetes, lupus, autoimmune, etc.  So it all points to it being his kidneys themselves that are the problem.  Like one other thing the kidneys do is filter cholesterol ... normal is under 170 and his is 294! (A year ago it was normal - 112).

4)  Manny (14 months) has the only good news!!  Remember how the ER doc said he had MRSA?  Well, we popped one of his blisters and sent the culture out.  Not MRSA.  It wasn't even staph!  Who knows what it is, but not MRSA.  Praise God.

And his sleep study is in.  I don't know what the lady was talking about last night when she told me there was a problem ... because there isn't!!  My doc got the report and said that it was pretty much normal.  He dips to 90 several times on the oxygen monitor ... but he rebounds quickly.  And the Pulmonologist had told me not to even worry unless he dips BELOW 90.  Which he didn't do.  So as far as we can tell, the baby is breathing great.  No apnea.  No snoring.  No worries.

So ... clearly we need prayers, especially for Kaley and Jacob.  But we also are asking for you to do a lot of praising for the great reports about Manny!!


  1. Praying and praising...I hope that you can quickly get to the bottom of the issues with Kaley and Jacob. But also -- Yay for Manny!!

  2. Woohoo on the good news and prayers going up on things still in the dark with other kiddie! Praying light shed I. What is causing each problem and for a swift cancellation to allow soon appt with kidney doc. Hugs