Sep 11, 2010

Manny escapes the hospital again

Ironic how the last post was about how much better Manny is doing and this one is about how sick he is.  They are both true. 

Better because doctors are now thinking of a Life Plan for him. 

But he's still a very sick little boy who gets BIG sick easily. 

This lastes came on very suddenly.  Wedneday night he didn't sleep well, crying a lot and we have no clue why.  By the time he woke up Thursday, he had a small cough.  Through the day his cough got a bit worse but nothing horrible.  We did the shaky vest and breathing treatments every 4 hours to help.  Through the night Thursday night, it got bad.  BAD. 

He had a mild fever.  His heart rate was going and staying above 200 for long periods of time (and that was asleep, while on oxygen).  His little body was working HARD!  For perspective, his heart rate should be around 100.  Dangerous over 180 we're told. 

Meanwhile, his oxygen levels kept dropping too.  Crank up the oxygen ... no effect.  Long night. 

He woke up Friday about 9am and he was 104.2 fever.  90 o2 sats and 200 plus heart rate.  Called for a doctor appointment and they couldn't get me in until 4pm.  I went with that because she and I are both trying to keep him out of the hospital where he always gets worse and I have virtually all the equipment at home that they have.  (Later I found out the doc was NOT happy that the staff didn't squeeze him in sooner and that won't happen again.) 

Through the day, he seemed to be improving.  Not a lot, but subtle.  Like his pulse was hanging around 180, etc.  So I felt safe in waiting. 

4 pm doctor's appointment ended at 6:15.  She tried several things in the office but felt he had double pneumonia and would need a chest xray and blood workup, likely even stay the night.  I put out prayer requests. 

Doctor saw some mild pneumonia but not horrible on both sides.  Saw a mild ear infection on both sides.  He stopped doing all signs of respiratory distress.  ER doc said he thought Manny was in good hands with me and let me go home after one round of IV antibiotics. 

Dan slept in the guest room so I could doctor Manny up all night.  He slept all propped up right next to me in my big King sized bed.  He desatted many, many times but would always come back up to 93 or so.  Couple doses of Tylenol and Motrin.  Rounds of albuterol and pulmicort. 

It's 10:05 as I type this and he's still asleep.  Fever is 102, O2 level is 94.  When you cough all night and you're as sick as he is ... you need a lot of sleep. This same exact illness with any of the other kids would be "nothing".  But his weakened muscles make it so hard on him. 

I'm so thrilled to have slept in my own bed last night and not at the hospital.  I'm so very thankful my baby seems to be on the mend (still very sick, but not lifethreatening).  I'm thankful for friends who stand with us in prayer ... even though we call on them often. 


  1. I am so thrilled he is home and doing better! :) You are a brave Momma! I get nervous and all so I am not sure how well I would do being at home rather than hospital! Prayers continue! :)

    God bless,

  2. i don't comment often, here or on facebook, but you are all in my prayers daily! big love from michigan, bernice

  3. Praying for little Manny to recover quickly! Yay to you for keeping him out of the hospital - go MOMMY!