Oct 28, 2011

Before/After (Some Graphic) Pics



 About 6 hour post surgery with her new bear Mr. Brown (a gift from her speech teacher)
24 hours post surgery ... lots of swelling. Bruising on inside of lip. Feels minor to moderate pain controlled by motrin/tylenol alternating. 

28 hours post ... still bleeding some from the mouth.  Sounds VERY "stuffy" and both nostrils are filled with dried blood.  Her voice is still very strange sounding (likely from the breathing tube irritating her throat).  She has a great attitude and just spent an hour at the playroom doing arts and crafts but was certainly ready to get back to the room and her bed. I don't have any pictures of her actual graft yet as it hurts a bit too much to touch it. 

In the playroom playing with the pots, pans and food.  (She said she was hungry.)



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