Oct 6, 2011

Then and Now

How's THAT for a blast from the past?  This was Manny at 11 months old, only 6 weeks after we had him.  It's our first trip to the hospital, the one where we were told to make funeral plans and went home with Hospice and a DNR. 

Thought it was about time to remind everyone just how far he's come since then. And we can never stray from the knowledge that God the Creator of Heaven and Earth needs to be praised daily for what He has done in Manny's life.  I truly believe to the core of my being that Manny is still drawing daily breath because of the prayers of the Saints. (Most of whom have never met him and only know him through this blog.)  I am overwhelmed! 
Now about today.  The operating theory is ... what if he can handle some food and some tummy rest?  So we had to verify if he could handle pedialyte.  So for the past 24 hours he's been on pedialyte and YES.  He can handle it.  He's the same on pedialyte as he is on IV fluids (which they consider "baseline"). 

So now we have to see how much formula he can handle before he has troubles. 

6pm we started formula.

7pm, he's already showing signs of "distress".  (oy!)  For those who want to know those signs, for him: it's excessive sweating (head), 60 ccs of stomach contents (in one hour vs. 0 in the past 24), increased saliva, coughing (likely due to increased saliva).   Also his heart rate is already up 20 beats per minute.  (He was about 110 and now is in the 130s.) 

Meanwhile, many of you have asked about Kaley and how's she's doing.  First, she is amazing.  I couldn't possibly express the gift that she is to me.  I can leave the room to get ice and water without him screaming.  I actually left the hospital for about an hour to go to Target to get a few supplies (like toys, food and a bed for her).  And I felt TOTALLY safe about it.  I would have NEVER been able to do that without her.  (I'd just do without.)

Kaley is homeschooled and I found the most marvelous book in the gift shop that has all the subjects in it and she thinks it's a game book (so shhhh ... don't tell her).  We're having a blast with it and she's staying on schedule basically with curriculum this way. 

She also plays with Manny.  They have so much fun together.  Bubbles, play doh, stickers, trains, etc.  She's amazing.  I think she thinks it cool to have a little "Mommy time".  She'll be 12 in a month and I think we'll always remember these times together.  They're not completely torture to her ... she actually WANTED to come.  (And I try to make it pleasant so she feels she made a good decision.)  So when you think of us, pray for Manny's healing and my wisdom/decisions.  But also pray for extra blessings on this special little angel we call Kaley. 

Every now and then (after a week in the hospital) you get a little punchy ... here's her tonight with her "Olive eyes". 

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