Oct 20, 2011

day 20 and counting

Look what we woke up to:

Wednesday nothing much happening.

I'm sure there are tons of things going on behind the scenes but nothing that I know of.  As of right this moment, I HOPE we are still going home tomorrow, since I haven't heard otherwise. 

Dr. Novak did come in and tell me all the tests from yesterday were normal.  (Good to know, what we were expecting.)

The rep from the home health nurse team came by to do some basic training (she was a bit flighty and had 6 phone calls during her 20 minutes here).  Thankfully I read the manual that I found online.  So I am good. 

5pm, they disconnected us for an hour from the IV and we got to go outside.  We expected to hang out outside but it was COLD. (OK, cold by Florida standards if you're wearing sandals, tank top and shorts.)  It's been in the 90's ... but the cold front came in yesterday.  Guess I should have looked at the weather before going out!  (But 20 days inside and you don't really think of weather!) 

Before going to bed, he saw the Buccaneer's shirt and said, "Pirate".  Kaley got the bright idea of making him a hat.  He wore it for a few minutes but was generally not a fan.

At one point I left the room to get some ice and when I came back, I saw the most angelic thing.  I stood for a minute, just watching.  Trying to absorb it all in.  I tried to capture the moment in my mind, heart, soul and being.  Pictures could just never do it justice. 


  1. Aw Beth, he looks so thin. Im so sorry. Prayers always. Be blessed


  2. sending you love and hugs. I hope to give you a big hug in person one day!