Sep 15, 2012

Hospital 8

new "catch up" blog at

Like I say on the blog, I had to write it THREE times so by the end, it is the more clinical and sterile version of the details. 

I will work on a blog from the heart.  Like I put on facebook today, Luke 2 says that Mary considered things and hid them in her heart in regards to her Son.  And I understand about considering things and hiding them in my heart. 

Sometimes I struggle with how much/little I should say.  I don't want to bore people who read this but I also think that sometimes, it endears people to see the good, bad and ugly.  Truth just "is". 

Thanks for being with us on this journey.  Feel free to spread word of Manny all around.  We can certainly use all the prayers we can get.  I also want God to get lots of credit along the journey. 

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