Apr 20, 2013

I see you

I see you. 

I see you, the ones looking at my son in pity.
I see you ignore him like he is furniture.
I see you talk about him like he is not there. 
I see you do things to him without considering his feelings.
I see you talk to him in disrespect.
I see you make him meet you on YOUR terms not realizing he’s little and scared.
I see you sigh when he doesn’t instantly comply. 
I see you complain when he needs something.
I see you fuss at him when he asserts himself; objecting to having no control over what is done to him.
I see you assume he has no qualify of life.
I see you assume that just because his body is weak, so is his mind. 
I see you whispering outside of his room.
I see you saying maybe he’d be better off if we just let him go. 

And I see you, the ones trying to keep a distance, not to get too close because one day, well …
I see you drawn in by his charm but then pull away as to not let your heart get hurt.
I see how conflicted you are. 

And I see you, the ones who love despite risk.
I see you talk to him with kindness and respect.
I see you light up when he says your name.
I see you want to do anything to make it all better.
I see you tear up when he is hurting or sad.
I see you go above and beyond to connect with him.
I see you rush faster to his beeping machines than anyone elses. 
I see you sneak him cars, even though you just brought him some. 
I see you thrilled when he makes you feel he is your favorite. 
I see you rub his hair and caress his cheek.
I see you linger just a bit.
I see you sit and stare at him, watching in awe.
I see you giggle when he asserts his own independence and thought.
I see how much you want to help, but feel helpless much of the time.
I see you want to know more, would love to do more. 
I see the way you find out where he is and join his world.  
I see the pain in your eyes when he has to endure something he doesn’t like.
I see you try to give away those jobs that will cause pain to someone else to do. 
I see you talk with pride about how far he’s come. 
I see you amazed that he’s still ALIVE and thriving.
I see you happy to see him, but sad he’s sick or hurting.
I see you are amazed by his strength, beauty, bravery and courage.
I see you view him as a unique child of God.
I see you loving him like your own son. 
I see you all in. 

And son … I see you see it too. 




  1. I don't blog but intend to email and introduce myself. I have a special needs son and just read fleeting thoughts of my own put beautifully in to words. I come to read often and am often including him in my prayers. Great job Mom!

  2. Maybe what goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch isn't it?