Apr 11, 2013

The plague has a name

Adenovirus.  That’s the name of the plague on my house.  That’s a new one to us!  Apparently it’s what Luke had (super high fever, sinus infection, tonsillitis, etc.).  It’s what caused the rash on Sam’s face and his cough.  It’s what is giving Kaley a high fever and horrible headache.  And now it’s what’s landed us in the hospital with Manny (high fever, respiratory and GI complications). 

Here is a link sharing a bit more about the virus if you’re interested.  http://www.lpch.org/DiseaseHealthInfo/HealthLibrary/infectious/adenov.html 

And now what we don’t know … you know how Manny’s been sick for basically 2 weeks after his adenoid surgery?  That might have been part of it.  Or maybe not.  But we know the fever started 2 days ago.  So not sure if we have hit the worst of it or if there’s more complications to come for him.  Last time he got something icky like this, he ended up in the ICU on bipap and talking vent.  Really, really hoping we’ve already hit bottom with this. 


This picture is so cool.  One of the nurses here thought it would be cool if Manny has his own Hospital ID badge.  Child Life made him one and delivered it today.  It is soooo neat! It looks so real she had to clear it with security and put, “This badge is intended for play” on it.  It’s such a great gift for him because he is always noticing the badges and cool things they put on it.  And he pulls the string and loves to watch it pop back.  Now we can collect cool things to add to it. 

Next … my tooth.  I don’t talk about it much but the tooth right behind the pointy one on the right upper has been a pain for a loooong time.  Numerous years ago it was in much pain.  I went to the dentist to have it looked at and they said it was bad and that I must have been in much pain.  I was.  They told me the amount it would cost to fix and quite frankly, I didn’t have it.  I had about half and could get the other half by the next week.  I’d already had thousands of dollars of work done by this dentist so I asked for some leeway, compassion or something.  I asked if he would take something as collateral or whatever but just get me out of pain.  He refused.  I remember sitting in the van crying in disbelief and pain. 

I ignored it.  Eventually the tooth died so it stopped hurting.  Slowly it started to chip and break away.  I babied it like crazy.  Then it fell apart completely.  When?  During the month Manny was in the hospital in septic shock over Christmas 2011.  I was fighting for my son’s life so a stupid tooth seemed such a silly thing to worry about.  But it was embarrassing.  So very close to the front, you can see it when I smile or talk. 

Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve worked on getting that tooth replaced.  By now, however, it’s much more trouble than when it first happened.  I needed a bone graft (very painful), sinus augmentation (also not pleasant) and the implant.  During the interim, there is a fake cover type tooth just sticking in there basically hanging by a thread.  The next to the last step was to put the silver implant in and I had that done and covered with a temporary tooth.  I’ve already paid for the final tooth and it’s been sitting in the dental office for about a month now.  They keep calling to see when I can get it placed. 

Today?  The stupid temporary one cracked and fell apart.  Ugh.  So now I have this hill billy look again every time I talk or smile.  Posting a picture about it just so you can see how hideous it is!  I’ll eventually get in to the dentist to get the last step but for now, I’ll just have to talk and smile less. 

On a cute note … Manny has just this week started to ask this question, “Mama, Are you my favorite friend?” And when I say YES he says, “You’re my favorite friend.”  Oh be still my heart. 

Finally, I don’t normally post stuff like this.  Feel free to watch it or not.  But it’s a father’s perspective on a child’s illness.  Very moving to me.   So heart felt.  (9 minutes long). 


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