Nov 17, 2010

He's going to be a tv star

About a month ago, we were contacted by a local Christian TV production company.  Mark (our main contact) had talked to Ed (a friend and local pastor).  Mark was looking to feature a situation that needed prayer and Ed thought of Manny. 

Mark, his wife Angela and their two beautiful boys Lucas and Josiah came to our leadership church meeting this past Saturday night.  Josiah is almost 1 and is deaf.  It was so neat watching him run around, getting into everything.  (He's quite a good walker already.)  I couldn't help but see him and then think of Manny and want to press in harder for his complete healing. 

Manny is 5 months older than Josiah but can't do most of the things Josiah could do.  Even just the simple thing of eating.  Josiah ate Cheerios (a completely "normal" 1 year old thing to do).  But Manny?  I plugged him in.  Josiah ran, sat down, stood up, crawled, picked up toys, threw a ball ... you know ... regular 1 year old boy things. 

But true to Manny form, he can get just as much enjoyment from WATCHING people do something fun as doing it himself.  That statement chokes me up.  I can't tell you how significant that is.  (I'll have to write a blog explaining just that sometime and why it's so profound.) 

Anyway ... we all agreed it would be a good idea for us to share Manny's story.  Last night was the time we chose to do it.  3 hours later, we had the 5 minute segment completed. 

They will have to edit it, put music to it, etc.  They say it should be ready in a couple of weeks.  When it's ready, we'll be sure to share the details of how to see it. 

But in thinking about what we wanted to say ... it brought it all back up.  We told the story from the beginning up to where he is now.  And as the camera rolled, it's amazing how the emotions are all still just so fresh, so raw, so real.  I have no clue if that will show up on camera or not ... but I was choking back tears telling his story. 

I was just as choked up by how far he has come!  (Like my last blog entry "You're not going to believe it").  You've come a long way, baby!  Like the picture at the top.  I bought him this new art chair.  Because the top angles just right, he can sit and write or read a book.  He can even flip the pages.  And I'm in Awe of God at being able to say that!  No one ever thought he'd be able to do any of those seemingly normal things. 

And at the end of filming I said something like this:  We have a BIG God.  He has done amazing things in Manny's life.  But he still can't eat, or walk or do the things a 16 month old should be able to do.  We're asking for his complete healing. 

Can't wait to see it.  Hoping his story touches people.  I even pray that people watching his testimony will be healed by watching it.  We're so thankful for the opportunity to share his story. 

Thanks Mark and crew!


  1. We do have a BIG God and I can't wait to see how He continues to work in Manny's life!

  2. It's wonderful to know that his story is being told. Can't wait to see what else God has in store for your little man. I find it really interesting that the word verification is "detail". God is good.