Nov 4, 2010

Today not so good, let's try again tomorrow

Cuteness at Wendy's the other day
Manny slept through the night for the first time since we've had him!  Not one peep.  Aahhhh ... Can't tell you how wonderful that felt.  I was actually feeling semi-human today.

Headed to the social security office (I know ... don't be jealous).  Had to get a new number for Manny ... long story short, his number is being used by ... ah, um ... let's just say "someone else".  It's amazingly hard to prove someone is who they say they are.  Even with an adoption paper, guardianship papers, birth certificate (which states me as mother, etc.).  But eventually our good attitude and his charming smile got us out of there.

As I headed out of that office, got a call from the school that Zoe was throwing up.  (Never good ... one gets it, it's usually just a matter of time until the rest think it looks like fun so they try it too.  It started Saturday night with Jacob.)

Meanwhile, Manny woke up with a clogged gtube error message.  I tried to get it worked out before we left but couldn't so I waited until his 11 am feed to do it.  And of course, it was really clogged.  I tried all the tricks.  I googled what to do.  Did everything.  An hour later, he hasn't eaten since 5am and nothing is going in.  He is completely dependent on this thing ... NOTHING can go in any other way.

By noon I call the GI with the news of our emergency.  Let's just say that by 5pm they had still not called back.  SERIOUSLY?  I will be on the hunt for a new GI tomorrow~

What they don't know - is that was going to the ER by 3pm if I didn't get it to work.  I FINALLY got it to work just before then.  He got fed.  All was well.

What else?  I have sinusitis with ear infection and a fever.  Only 101.

Next got the kids from school.  Was supposed to go tonight to have parent teacher conferences but ... just don't feel like it or dragging Zoe out in it.  And it's raining a lot today so we'll just have to skip that.

OK ... so then homework with less than a good attitude (mine, the kids were fine).  Kaley cried.  They gave her this sample test and she couldn't do any of the problems on it.  And I told her that meant they haven't taught her how to do it.  I was upset at THEM, not HER.  Eventually, she quit crying.  She is hitting that age where hormones go haywire and I could blame it on that but truthfully, I think they just expect too much out of her.  She is trying but just doesn't get it yet.  I'm going to have to work on that.

So as we do homework, I hear the cat hurl.  Of course out of our WHOLE HOUSE, he chooses to throw up right on the baby's gtube bag, tubing and extension.  Seriously??  So I cleaned it up, threw all that out.  Thankfully I have extras but only because I have great friends.

Meanwhile, I always do my own hair coloring.  And I wanted a change.  A SLIGHT change.  Bought something called "Light golden blonde".  Let's suffice to say I now am twins with ELMO!  Yikes.  Can't get this color out fast enough.

Finally, as I write this tonight at 7pm, Manny is starting to run a slight fever.  His antibiotics were finished yesterday.  Zoe has a double ear infection (with a horrible cough and a lot of pain).

I'm about to head the gang to bed.  PRAYING we get some sleep tonight.  And praying tomorrow is a heck of a lot better than today!!

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  1. Oh noo Beth, you have had a heck of a day...week...oh heck...YEAR!! I pray things get better quickly!