Nov 1, 2010

Misc happenings around here

Zoe, 5 so much wants to hold Manny all the time but he's very big and very difficult to hold.  But every now and then the stars align and she is able to hold him.  The other day she announced, "I want to be a doctor so I can fix Manny."  My heart just about burst with pride. 
Waiting at the Doctor's office

Kaley, 11 is in 5th grade.  Her school has the "Teriffic Kid" program and her teacher nominated her.  He wrote me an email and said he wished he could nominate her every day.  He wrote the sweetest things on her certificate.  A keeper for sure.  And I know it's smal but if you look in the smack center of the picture, the little one in the pink jacket is Kaley.  All the others are 5th graders too and they TOWER over her. 
Kaley gets "Teriffic Kid" award

Perhaps you've heard me discuss my dislike of Chuck E. Cheese.  Why?  It's soooo loud in there.  But the kids love it - including Manny.  Kaley loves taking him along on the rides and he cries when they stop. And just a bit more about Kaley ... she is sooo amazing with Manny.  He hadn't been sleeping at all during these past 3 weeks with pneumonia.  So this Saturday he was up very early and I was dead.  I took him to her and asked if she would watch him while I slept.  She happily got out of bed and took care of him as I got 2 amazing hours of sleep.   
Chuck E. Cheese

Karate moves

This picture is sweet and sad all at the same time.  Manny HATES being on his tummy.  He cannot lift his head at all, puts pressure on his gtube, etc.  We do it anyway.  But he cries the whole time like he's being tortured.  This day, the Physical Therapist brought this big red ball to see if he would like it better this way.  Uh ... no.  So he was bawling his eyes out during this picture.  And Jacob heard him from the other room, came in and put himself in this position to play with Manny.  Then *I* was bawling practically.  Gotta love those boys. 
Physical Therapy

Today, Kaley's teacher from last year (Mrs. Ryan - whom we love by the way!) gave Manny these new rattles.  2 for his wrists and 2 for his feet.  He was amazed by the rattling he could do.  Dancing.  Giggling.  They were quite the hit.  What a great gift!
Enjoying the new rattles

 So if you're squeemish, you might not want to look closely at this photo.  But Zoe lost 2 of her bottom teeth on Saturday.  These are the first to come out by "natural means".  She is missing several on the top, had a few removed, etc.  But these are her first actual "big girl teeth".  She didn't wince or anything.  I think she is made of iron or something ... she has the highest tolerance of pain of anyone I've ever met. 
Zoe loses 2 teeth at same time

Over the past 3 weeks, Manny doesn't sleep much.  He tries.  But he struggles to stay asleep for more than 5-15 minutes at a time.  It's so very difficult to deal with this for so many nights in a row.  (Guess I'm showing my 41 years.)  I even did medical foster care for about 9 years and had many, many drug addicted babies.  THIS is MUCH, much worse. 

But eventually ... he goes back to sleep and he looks like such a sweet little angel.  It's impossible to get mad or frustrated with him too.  We still are believing for that amazing miracle that he is completely healed and gets to live a full, long, complete life.  But this struggle has taught us to enjoy every single moment.  To treasure every day.  None of us ever know how much time we have with loved ones.  And we should make the moments count. 
Gotta love that sleeping angel


  1. Loved the update. Want the news. Hate to ask. I know (in my head) how busy you are...

    Especially LOVED the Chuck E. Cheese photos. Happy Kids. And pass the Anacin to Bethie, please.


  2. I DISLIKE Chuck E Cheese as well...of course, my kids LOVE it. Your children are precious and you remind me today, right now to appreciate and cherish each moment.

    I will continue to pray for sweet Manny.