Nov 12, 2010

You're not going to believe it!

So you know we got Manny 7 months ago and he could move ONLY his eyes?  Well ... one step at a time and here are some things he can do now. 


He says about 50 words.  Such as Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, uh-oh, cat, meow, yeah, etc. His most common word is "Up" followed by "Go".   
He says several 2 word phrases.  Such as Hi There, Hi (name), Love you, etc.
He signs about 15 words.  Such as milk, play, music, song, etc. 

When asked "Where is the baby?" or "Where is Manny?"  He points to his tummy (with both hands) and says "Manny".  Well ... actually he says, "Nanna"  but it's close. 

When asked "How old are you?"  He raises one finger and says, "One." 


He can move both arms. He is starting to lift his arms.  Not very high yet but it's movement. 

When he wants to push a button on a toy, he uses one finger to push not just "slap" at it with his whole hand as most babies do at this age.  (Shows fairly high intelligence. My mother is a PhD and has done thousands of IQ tests of babies and children and she estimates him at at least average intelligence if not high average ... which is shocking since they thought he was not even "there" mentally!) 

He is moving his legs.  He cannot put any pressure on them but is starting with mild resistance.  And he can "kick" a ball while in a seated position.  It as to be a tiny beach ball but it's so exciting. 


Today was the most exciting improvement though!  Yesterday he got a new device called a TLSO.  It reminds me of a turtle shell.  He doesn't mind it at all.  Makes him harder to hold since he is heavier.  But so worth it.  Yesterday he wore it about 30 minutes during Physical Therapy. 

Today I decided to take him out in it.  We put him in a regular high chair ... which he has NEVER NEVER sat in before because he can't do it.  (We've tried.)  But today ... no problem while wearing his TLSO! 

He sat there for about an hour.  And while there, his head never went limp.  His arms seemed a lot stronger.  He seemed a lot more "stable."  He really enjoyed being AT the table with the kids and not in a stroller or in my arms. 

So I thought why not test out what else he could do?  So I put him in a grocery cart.  And I just cannot believe how well he did.  He looked so "normal".  He was sitting.  Arms were on the handle.  Head was looking around at all the stuff.

And then I noticed ... his legs were swinging.  He seemed so stinkin' happy!  It hit me, his legs have never been at this angle before so he's never felt that feeling before.  But he loved it. 

Then tonight, he was sitting on someone's lap and I noticed ... he was still able to swing his legs.  It's like he discovered them and now he can do it easily. 

Our Physical Therapist is NOT going to believe him tomorrow when I take him to PT.  It's been a HUGE leap in skills in 24 hours. 

I know it's hard to describe this in words so I hope you're understanding all the leaps and bounds this kid is making.  It's truly MIRACULOUS!  I know people use that word a lot and don't really mean it ... but in his case, it's the most accurate description of what is going on with him!  Even his Doctors and Therapists are using that word. 

Thank You Lord! 


  1. Happy Dance commencing in Alaska!!!

    That is just SO awesome!! Congrats!


  2. NOTHING is impossible for our God!! WTG, Manny....and WTG, Jesus!! Soooo happy!

  3. Oh my gosh! Amazing Amazing Amazing! I am so crying happy tears for you Beth, and for him!! I love it!

  4. Dreaming for Manny! Miracles are coming faster and faster now. I love being part of this story!

  5. A stable trunk changes everything!!!! WHOO-HOOO! Manny so needed you all to unlock the potential within and most of all ... to BELIEVE in him!! I love this story, Bethie. It really is ALL good.


  6. I am balwing with excitement! Just the fact he can speak alone is amaing and now everything else too! :) I have never heard of that thing but sounds neat!!!!

    Big hugs,

  7. I love you, Manny! You are my hero. YOU ROCK, DUDE!

  8. What a wonderful update!!! LOVE hearing about his progress!! Thank you so much for sharing Manny with us, Beth. He is such a ray of sunshine.

  9. That is so amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing I have very HAPPY tears.

  10. Wonderful News!!! We are sooooooo excited with you over God's GREAT GOODNESS with what He has done and continues to do in Manny!!! There's MORE to come!!!
    Love, Bruce and Snooks :0)(0: