Nov 19, 2010

Might step on a few toes

Daily I muse on the various aspects of my life.  One that comes up often is the issue of faith.  With 6 kids, all adopted, all with special needs, 2 with potentially life threatening conditions ... I have plenty of chance to do that.  And as a person known to be a Christian, a woman of faith and a Pastor's wife and daughter, other people often give me their take on "faith". 

Quite frankly, some I just don't agree with.  And I'm well aware that *I* might be the one who has it wrong.  But some people's definition of faith ... uh, creeps me out. 

There is one version I hear a LOT which is most bothersome to me.  And that is the "deny it exists" statements and call it faith.  "Pretend it's not there" and call it faith.  Now of course people don't use those phrases but it's what they mean. 

A conversation might go like this...
Other person: What's going on with Jacob?
Me: He was newly diagnosed with a kidney condition.
OP:  What is it?
Me:  FSGS and it's quite serious.  Unless God intervenes quickly, the doctors feel he will need a transplant in less than a year.
OP:  Well we'll just say it's not there. 
Me:  (insert the sound of crickets here)

I've had MANY MANY conversations pretty close to this.  Wording changes.  Sometimes it's about Manny or Dan's job situation or any other various things we might be dealing with.  But the sentiment is the same every time. 

Now let me clarify.  I believe as Christians that we  have a Heavenly Father who is able and willing to be a Healer.  I have seen Him heal.  I have been a part of many, many miracles.  So to ME, the phrase, "I will pray and believe in Jacob's healing."  THAT makes sense to me.  

I also believe in the verse that says (paraphrased) that we should call things that are not as though they are.  So to me that would be saying, "I believe Jacob is healed." or something similar.  That works for me too.

But to deny something factual and call it faith?  hmmm.  That one challenges me.

I've heard it in various forms ... don't accept the doctor's report is one I hear a lot.  And yes, I don't believe a doctor can say what exactly is going on.  They certainly are guessing a lot of times (educated guesses, but they are guesses).  And I don't believe they are accurate on prognosis with dates of death often.  (God gets to number a person's days!) 

But let's do a hypothetical.  Say I fell and probably broke my arm.  Feels like a break.  Looks like a break.  Acts like a break.  Xray shows a break.  I would probably believe it is broken.  And it would seem stupid for someone to tell me it's not broken (in faith).  Or to not believe the doctor's report (in faith).  Or to just keep on using it like you always would (in faith).  etc etc.

But I've heard those things when it comes to Jacob and Manny.  Like for Jacob ... he has the symptoms.  Blood tests confirm.  Urine tests confirm.  Biopsy confirm.  But I'm told not to accept the reports.  And my brain cannot figure out what these people are saying/meaning.  It truly confuses me! 

So what DO I believe?  I believe that I should (and I do) go to God and tell Him the situation.  I ask Him to heal Jacob of this condition.  Pray for the complete healing.  Pray that Jacob will live a long and healthy and productive life.  (I ask, seek, knock.) 

I guess the bottom line is that I'm challenged by where some people draw the lines between "reality" of what we see and experience around and where that collides with faith and the things of "heaven". 

I can only go to scripture.  Hebrews 11:1 says (again paraphrased from the NIV) that Faith is being sure of what I hope for and certain of what I do not see.   Or the KJV says that Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

So I HOPE for a healing for my boys and I keep hoping and believing for it even when I don't see evidence yet.  And THAT is faith. 

At least that's what I believe. 

What do YOU believe?

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  1. I believe you may have it right. And I hope others will see that, too. :) I believe our words are powerful, but that God's Word is more powerful than we are.