Dec 14, 2010

Million Prayers

We were honored to share Manny's testimony on a new TV series, Million Prayers.  The youtube version is out and ready for viewing.

At the end, they asked if we might want to direct them to our church website so we did. for those who might not know it.  We decided we would do that. 

From here, we can add the updates on Manny.  And we would love to hear about the people who are praying for him as well. 

Feel free to post and share this link as you see fit.  We're not looking for our 15 minutes of fame.  We ARE hoping that lots of people see Manny's story.  We are praying God is glorified above all.  We hope that every person who raises up Manny in prayer will be touched by Almighty God.  We trust that God will also heal them as they pray.  We want their faith to be lifted up as they see God's touch on Manny's life. 

We also hope to bring awareness to special needs adoption.  (Even considering doing a semi regular show.)  We hope to speak on the subject of everyone having access to church (right now, about 90% of families with kids with special needs do not attend church due to access issues).  We hope to show that life with special needs children is amazing!  (I wrote about that in an earlier post about how live over the line is good.)

So for lots of reasons, we would love for lots of people to see this and be touched.  We want God to be famous! 

Manny's story is being written.  Daily I see updates.  Daily I see miracles.  He can do things he couldn't do the day before.  This journey has just begun.  So strap on your seat belt ... and join us for the ride of a lifetime! 

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