Dec 9, 2010

Sometimes the plans change

So the plan was that Manny would have his feet in a cast to get them "straight".  Every Thursday we were to go to the hospital and have it done.  Last week was week one.

Today was to be day 2.  We got them cut off and the plan was to put the next casts on.  But ... sometimes plans change. 

His feet were both so horribly swollen, they couldn't do it.  The skin looked pretty good (better than I expected in fact).  His toes looked fine.  It was the rest of the foot that was HUGE.  Poor baby.  So we left without adding the new casts until the swelling goes down.  Scheduled for Monday to recast. 

The great news is that it's working nicely.  I don't exactly know what the numbers mean and all that but the therapists were thrilled with how well he is doing. 

Like week 1:  Left -20,  Right -32
Today:           Left- 10,  Right -12


On a completely new subject of plans changing.  Today I worked and Dan and the kids picked me up.  The interstate was a parking lot so rather than driving home to do homework and eat leftovers, we stopped by the International Plaza mall and ate some dinner and played at the playground. 

Kaley took the baby all over the place.  And then it happened.  Something I wondered if I would EVER see. 

Manny sat. 
By himself. 
For about 3 minutes.

Do you have any clue how HUGE that is????  

This was without his TLSO brace ... we didn't know we were making this stop.  Dan thought he'd be in the car seat the whole time so it was left at home. 

He wasn't propped.  He wasn't leaning.  He was just sitting there. 

It's significant in so many ways, ways I can't begin to explain.  But for example, "sits independently" is actually a benchmark criteria for differentiating between some of the more severe disabilities and the less severe ones. 

Tears of pride came to my eyes.  All the kids were cheering for him.  They all knew this was big!  And they knew it was the first time. 

I'm so thrilled we were all there together to celebrate such a huge event. 

Sometimes plan changes aren't so bad afterall. 

Thank you Lord for yet another of the daily miracles You keep giving Manny.


  1. That is just so precious. He is so cute.

  2. Love you all! SO proud of my sweet Manny (I told you I claim him when you're not looking!) LOVE LOVE LOVE this update. HIGH FIVE DUDE! ::SMOOCH::

  3. Okay, I am crying. I am so happy for him and for you!! And totally amazed that God made it possible for the whole family to enjoy these few minutes!! Man God is so GOOD!!

  4. HA! You showed me.

    I was totally like, "Oh, well, yes. With his TSLO on, Manny now has the ability to sit independently".


    THRILLED for the Miracles.

  5. woohooo! Go Manny! WOW! Sitting non propped or leaned for 3 minutes! And he talks! You have an amazing kid there! I hope my kid grows up like him! LOL