Dec 14, 2010

Two views

There are two ways to view Manny. 

9 months old, the day he came to live with us
View one: If a person is seeing/meeting Manny for the first time, they see a beautiful little boy.  Gorgeous, captivating eyes.  Winning smile.  Sweet spirit and easy going disposition.  They hear him talk and are enchanted.  Then they look down and see his arms not working, his legs not moving.  And they instantly view him as a "disabled" child.  Often they feel sorry for him. 

Even Medical professionals.  They view him from the perspective of "deficits".  Can't walk, can't crawl, can't ..... 

I'm always tempted to say, "But you should see how far he's come!"  But all they can see is how far he has to go. 

This view frustrates me to no end. 

View two:  People that have been following along the whole way of Manny's journey see an amazing kid.  He could move his eyes, now he can move almost every body part.  Doctors weren't sure he was even "there" and now he carries on conversations practically.  Coherent thoughts for sure. 

For example, today he got shots on his legs.  A few minutes later, he pointed to his bandaid and said, "On".  "Doctor on."  Uh ... dumbfounded, I was like, "Yes!  The doctor put this bandaid on."  OK so I know it's not like we're discussing Shakespeare here ... but he IS only 17 months.  He never heard English until 8 months ago.  He was written off as basically brain dead.  And now he is putting together a 2 word sentence that I'm sure he's never heard before. 

I am impressed. 

In fact, that's the word the Neurologist used today about Manny.  "Impressive."  See, THIS is the doctor who delivered the news of "Leukodystrophy, end stage".  This is the doc who wasn't sure he was "there".  This is the doc who has removed the diagnosis.  He calls him, "My baby".  He shakes his head in disbelief of the progress.  Today I showed him that Manny can sit unassisted.  He just about lost it! 

This doc sees Manny through the lens of how far Manny has come. 

And I guess I should offer a third view ... how far will Manny go?  We dare hope for the entire miracle. 


  1. Beautiful is right!! Reminds me of our daughter C. Diagnosed with microcephaly and told not to save for her college education, she proved everyone wrong. Only God!!

  2. Just beautiful...I loved your video on Facebook. How awesome is our GOD? AWESOME!